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Dec. 07 2022
A festa di a Nazione
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Oct. 31 2022
How about a goodbye snog ?
U Capu Biancu is closing its doors until next year. Another season has passed. One that we know will have done you as much good as it did to us.
So yes, we could hum a "farewell" song! To write to you that "it's only a goodbye". That if U Capu Biancu is over, it is only for this year because you will certainly return one day. At the same time, you assure us that "nothing will separate us" and that you will see us again.
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Dec. 16 2022
Des vœux comme des étoiles qui scintillent
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Oct. 26 2022
Recycling is preserving
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Oct. 17 2022
Et si vous veniez pour les vacances de La Toussaint ?
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Oct. 01 2022
Et si vous veniez pour les vacances de La Toussaint ?
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Sep. 25 2022
The King of Aragon stairs in Bonifacio: a dizzying adventure!
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Oct. 03 2022
A nap or nothing!
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Sep. 22 2022
A nap or nothing!
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Août. 23 2022
Two wellness retreats
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Août. 04 2022
What if your picnic, as well as being tasty, was environmentally friendly, too?

The word "picnic" reminds us of our childhood. Of childhood Sundays. When we watched with envy as the "grown-ups" filled their plastic boxes with hearty salads, sandwiches of all kinds and other treats. We travelled along country roads, by the sea or at the foot of the mountains, impatient, hungry, looking for the ideal spot. Where we’d spread the blanket on the ground, lay out the familiar boxes just out of the cooler and, finally, tuck into our long-awaited picnic. Those Sundays had an unforgettable taste, joyful and carefree.

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Juil. 29 2022
Romain, a skipper with a big heart

Talking about yourself isn’t always easy. Romain wouldn’t disagree on this point. When we asked him to open up to us because we wanted to introduce him to you through this blog, he was a man of few words. Not due to lack of cooperation, but rather modesty. And that's what we also love about Romain. His modesty, his candour, his discretion. "Also" because we love lots of other things about this young man. His beautiful eyes, of course, but above all, his seriousness, professionalism and kindness. His patience and calm.

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Juil. 26 2022
Only drinks o’clock will do!

Let's not beat about the bush, the essential moment of any holiday, one definitely not to be missed, is ... drinks o’clock!

What is drinks o’clock? It's simple. Simple and delicious as an unforgettable moment, an exceptional moment. Would you like to know a little more about how to enjoy it yourself? Here are a few instructions.

First, take a comfortable seat on one of the bar's terraces. Now gaze into the intense azure of the Mediterranean. For a few seconds (or minutes - you choose), think of nothing other than the surrounding nature and having the chance to enjoy this experience.

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Juil. 22 2022
A mini-bar that’s 100% fattu in Corsica!

When we talk about "locavorism", we’re talking about commitment. Commitment to a land, to producers and, of course, to ... your taste buds. And we honour our convictions in full (and our love of great food as well). Go on, open the mini-bar, treat yourself and you’ll see what we mean...

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Juil. 18 2022
Three beaches, three different atmospheres

So, would you say you’re quite sporty, prefer to laze around, or maybe ... discover things? More comfort than nature? Maybe a little bit of everything at the same time? Or maybe it depends on how you’re feeling on the day. Whatever the case, we ask the question to better advise you about our beaches. That’s right, beaches... Because here, at the foot of the U Capu Biancu hotel, there are three different beaches. Three beaches whose pace, atmosphere and scenery are different.

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Juil. 13 2022
A rock birthday against a full moon backdrop

A rock birthday against a full moon backdrop? It's at the U Capu Biancu hotel on 13 July. With the band Little Rock, and you, of course...

A little rock never hurt anyone. Quite the contrary! Especially to celebrate a birthday... What’s more, it’s something we know quite a lot about here at the U Capu Biancu hotel: every year, for quite some time now, the band Little Rock has been brightening up some of our evenings. Rock, variety, pop, talent and music. People dance, people sing, people "party" - in short, we celebrate and live life to the full.

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Juil. 12 2022
And a new season, one!
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Juin. 20 2022
« Et la vigne, on la plante quand ? »
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Mai. 18 2022
And a new season, one!
News U Capu Biancu
Mai. 04 2022
And a new season, one!
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Avr. 25 2022
Bonifacio, an inexhaustible source of surprises
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Mar. 25 2022
The energy of the sea
The love story between the U Capu Biancu hotel and the sea has been years in the making. This alliance, based on respect, has spawned an idea: to use naturally renewable marine thermal energy to drastically reduce our gas and electricity consumption. Because we have to start somewhere, we decided to start by establishing a hybrid hydro power station using the thermal energy of fresh water. And so our idea became a project. And the project became ... reality
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Mar. 18 2022
Why not spend your Easter holiday in one of our villas at U Capu Biancu?
Say… What are you doing for the Easter holidays? Not quite sure yet? Well ... Here's an idea that's sure to help you make up your mind. And with good reason! We offer you a real journey. Or, to be more precise, a break. An Easter break ... Your destination: Corsica of course! Because we know that this island is the perfect place for peace at this time of the year. Your refuge: one of our five villas, whose doors will open for the first time on 9 April. Even before the hotel U Capu Biancu! We've made this choice for you. To allow you to breathe in the very earliest notes of spring. And help you fill up on nature and serenity.
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Mar. 15 2022
No more single use!
There are fights that are thought to be lost before we even begin, as the work seems so very heavy. As our projects are so huge and complex. And it's true. However, faced with this fact, we at the U Capu Biancu four-star luxury hotel ask ourselves: so what? So what? Since when has difficult meant impossible? And why should luxury mean waste and pollution? For us, the words "impossible", "waste" and "pollution" are anything but ... "Capu-esque"! When we decided to drastically reduce single-use items in our large house, we knew it would be a daunting task. But that didn't stop us from embarking on a real hunt to get rid of single-use plastic.
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Fév. 14 2022
"And when do we plant the vine?" »
To this question, asked (almost) casually by Vanessa, head of the U Capu Biancu hotel cellar and vineyards, an answer burst forth: 17 and 18 February! Of course! We needed a new challenge! A challenge that aligns with the philosophy of the U Capu Biancu four-star luxury hotel, and our desire to develop sustainable and responsible tourism. So, after a vegetable garden, a chicken coop, a permaculture farm, why not a vineyard?  
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Fév. 12 2022
When love meets U Capu Biancu
If love were a colour, it would be a blur of Mediterranean green, blue, yellow and ochre. If love were a perfume, it would be tinged with myrtle and mastic, sea salt and humus. If love were a flavour, it would have the wild taste of Corsica and the mixed flavour of the world. If love could be felt, it would be as warm as wood, as firm as the stone of Bonifacio and as soft as cotton. If love were a drink, it would be a cocktail of vitamins, a tannin-packed wine or a spring water. If love were a land, it would be an island. The island of Corsica. If love were a country, that country would undoubtedly be called … U Capu Biancu
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Jan. 24 2022
Notice to seasonal workers: the U Capu Biancu hotel is recruiting!
Elsewhere, they might refer to you as seasonal workers. You are those employees hired for a given time, a specific period of the year. You come and you go. From one region to another. From one institution to another. From one season to another. And because of this roaming, they often underestimate your qualities, they do not always take you seriously, and they might even mistreat you. But do you know what we say about them?  Forget them! Here, you are not simply seasonal workers; you are the seasonal lifeblood of the U Capu Biancu hotel! You are our strength, our vitamin C.
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Dec. 17 2021
The years go by, but each is different from the last
Here, in this little corner of Corsica, no two years are alike. On the contrary, they each bring their share of treasures, in the form of a host of eternal gifts.. And another one! A year gone by … or almost.  One year, and not an easy one, as we – like many of you – have had to surf the waves. On the solitary waves that pleasantly rocked us, while others, dangerous villains, might have capsized us. But they barely managed to make us pitch ...
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Nov. 17 2021
Closed for ... the upcoming season!
Well, yes – and you know it, don't you? – when U Capu Biancu closes its doors, it's never for very long. It's just a matter of a few weeks to prepare (among other things) for the new season ... "With such a sunny forecast in Corsica, U Capu Biancu could have stayed open for a few more weeks!" Admit it, the thought has crossed your mind! And we understand you! It's true that Corsica still enjoys some fantastic days at this time of year: the air appears "purified" by the autumn rain, the scents of humus and maquis tickle the nostrils and all the flavours of the season ... Ah, the flavours of the season! They amaze the taste buds and soothe both the heart and the stomach.
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Août. 17 2021
When talent grows, it sometimes creates some real jewels!
Saveria Geronimi is an artist. A true artist.  Her creations? Real jewels! We mean this both figuratively and literally. Saveria Geronimi loves to create, and that's good news for us! Good news for our hands, our necks, our ears and even our shoulders, as she adorns them with refined and original jewellery. Good news for the hotel U Capu Biancu, for which she has created a new collection. Originality and made-to-measure are the hallmarks of Saveria Geronimi and her Germès brand.
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Août. 03 2021
Enjoy your celebration to the max!
There is a French song that claims "we were all born to celebrate". And it's not wrong. Here at the U Capu Biancu hotel, we love to party. Most of all, we love to see you at our parties. And when it comes to organising the most beautiful feasts, you can count on us!
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Juil. 26 2021
Dance with the sea
While elsewhere they might watch the sea dance, here at the U Capu Biancu hotel, we dance with it. On board our Boston Whaler or our Zodiac, we follow its curves. Better yet, we allow it to lead us into narrow coves, to unknown places known as Lavezzi, Bonifacio or Santa Manza. Here, you don't need to be a qualified captain to enjoy a day at sea. Absolutely not! Gilles our skipper is here to take you sailing. But watch out! You will still need to bring appropriate equipment!
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Juil. 19 2021
"Only water is eternal"
Words. Beautiful words written by Korean poet Yun Son-Do in the 17th century. Words that now resonate no longer as an adage, but as a challenge to be met. And for good reason: though in the poet's time we were far from ever imagining that water would be no more eternal than the earth that carries us, today we must overflow with ideas to preserve it. And at the U Capu Biancu hotel, we have plenty ... We are, of course, a seaside hotel, a four-star hotel and a hotel in Corsica. And so, should we put the preservation of natural resources on the back burner? Definitely not!
News U Capu Biancu
Juil. 12 2021
The magic keys to relaxation
Winter has been over for several months now, though it seems that you still have not listened to the cry of your body ... Tut tut! How come? Don't you hear it begging you to offer it a moment's respite? A restorative break?  Listen to your body, if only for a moment. Ask yourself and let yourself be guided by that little voice that whispers that it is finally time. The past year has been particularly trying, for everyone. For our morale, but also for our bodies. Both are now calling for that nourishing silence, for inner peace. A silence and peace that we at the U Capu Biancu hotel cultivate with particular attention. Because we know. We know that they are essential to your well-being. What's more, in addition to the hotel's comforting nature and soothing environment, here you will find the magic keys to relaxation.
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Juil. 05 2021
The best bread is a homemade loaf
At the U Capu Biancu hotel, bread is not just bread. No … At the U Capu Biancu hotel bread represents the work and passion of Tarik, our baker. It symbolises life as we see it here: a life made of sharing, of healthy joys and of a love of food. There is a Catalan proverb that says "the best bread is homemade". And we couldn't agree more! Especially when it is homemade by a professional. Here, bread becomes a true gem to be enjoyed. It is a miracle, a miracle whose intoxicating aroma and flavour simply stuns. If you can find its creator, of course ...
News U Capu Biancu
Juin. 28 2021
Retired donkeys vs active hens
While some enjoy a well-deserved retirement, others are getting moving. And for good reason, and with great care, of course! "Retirement is the port in which we must take refuge after the thunderstorms of life", wrote Voltaire. It is true that our donkeys have weathered a few storms. Those storms that only the sky knows how to make: rainy, electric and thundering. But rest assured, our four-legged companions have already enjoyed plenty of shelter. We've made sure of it, especially given their important daily mission: to graze and to come and greet you.
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Mar. 21 2022
Here comes summer!
"Here comes the sun ..." Our Little Rock band could certainly give this classic Beatles song a go. And with good reason! Just like every year, its members are getting ready to ignite the dance floor of U Capu Biancu and celebrate the arrival of summer with music. Summer is like a song that rings out in our heads: it is full of pep and sweetness, joy and escape. It is a super-charged rock and a soul tinged with blues. We love all the music of summer. Like every 21 June, the Little Rock group brings this music to life: a few bends, a touch of groove, a couple of blues scales and, trust us, you'll only have one thing on your mind – partying.
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Juin. 16 2021
Gadio El Hadji: chef at the U Capu Biancu hotel for 25 years!
25 years! This year, chef Gadio El Hadji celebrates his 25th anniversary at the U Capu Biancu hotel. 25 years of hearty, multicultural cuisine, yes – but, above all, 25 years of laughter, of stress and of absolute friendship. It was like something out of Aladdin: rub the magic lamp two or three times, say a little "abracadabra" and voila! A genie appears. Our very own genie is indeed Gadio El Hadji. Born, as if by magic, of an Africa where cooking is played out with colour and perfumes. A genie who, for 25 years, has always amazed us with his creativity, his hard work and his commitment to U Capu Biancu and Corsica.   
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Juin. 15 2022
A day at the U Capu Biancu hut
There are days that start so incredibly well. These days, as a general rule, seem almost like a dream. Start one of them by sipping your morning coffee ,comfortably seated on the foreshore of a delightful and … airy suite! First, we have the morning coffee. Or tea. Or fruit juice, it's up to you. In short, there is the morning moment, to be enjoyed from 10 am, eyes set on the horizon or with a book in hand, breathing in the sea air. This moment, when savoured from the U Capu Biancu hut, tastes like the sun and the scent of the Mediterranean. This is a moment that sets the tone for the day ahead. A day full of promise and pleasant temptations.
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Juin. 07 2021
Handsome men on the beach
There are four. Different styles, different looks, different characters but an identical energy. They are our handsome men. More precisely, the handsome men of U Capu Biancu. Or rather, of the beaches of U Capu Biancu. On the sand or on the water, they share a singular mission: to make this small seaside area the scene of truly incomparable leisure. You might think this mission is simple, as nature has already achieved a true miracle in crafting these coves, covering them with such a delicate sand and inviting the Mediterranean to caress their shoreline. However, our handsome men – also known as Romain, Pierre-Louis, Abdé and Gilles – work hard, day after day, to maintain these little paradises.
News U Capu Biancu
Mai. 31 2021
We are not a gourmet restaurant!
It's true, starting a post with a negative statement is certainly not the most engaging opening line. However ... Sometimes you have to say things like they are. And so, we are not a gourmet restaurant, we are much better: we are an authentic restaurant! Yes, and even if the term "authentic" may seem overused, there's no better way to describe chef Gadio El Hadji's cooking. A true and colourful cooking, sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet. A thoughtful cooking, a cooking from the heart, in which each dish reflects the commitment of the U Capu Biancu hotel.
News U Capu Biancu
Mai. 17 2021
fruits of the Corsican land
We could talk to you about eating local and present our claims of sustainable catering. Yes, we could. And you, surely, would reply: "So what?"Yes, so what ... Because this is not a new movement; it dates back as far as the Middle Ages, when producers and customers met in street markets to exchange in person. But whether it is new or not, at the U Capu Biancu hotel we do not necessarily follow the current. Not even when it comes to food. No, if we don't speak to you about eating local, it is because our commitment has always gone even further. Much further.
News U Capu Biancu
Mai. 10 2021
Evenings at U Capu Biancu
Ok, you've chosen to come to the U Capu Biancu hotel to rest and recharge your batteries. Isn't it just the perfect place? However, resting can also be fun. That's why we've designed a few evenings and events that we are sure will do you a world of good! Every week, we embellish a few evenings at U Capu Biancu with certain themes.
News U Capu Biancu
Mai. 03 2021
What if we were to tell you a few of Corsica's secrets?
Though diamonds have a price, good advice is free. And if you're looking for good advice, U Capu Biancu's concierge is full of it. Particularly when it comes to Corsica and its secrets: unmissable places, unforgettable encounters, delicious tastings and entertaining activities, nothing (or almost nothing) of Corsica will escape you. Do we know each and every path of our country? To be honest, no! No, because these paths are infinite. Truly infinite! So much so that, each year, we discover new ones: new hiking trails, new marine routes, new air corridors.
News U Capu Biancu
Avr. 26 2021
Virginie, where housekeeping is a matter of beauty
Do you know what beauticians and housekeepers have in common? Of course, there are similarities! Several even. Virginie carefully packs away these similarities, every winter, in her U Capu Biancu housekeeper's caddy. As soon as the new season comes around, she brings them out as precious treasures. For those that know Virginie and her careful attention to detail, it's not hard to understand that she originally trained as a beautician. 
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Avr. 19 2021
Why not take a breath of fresh air in the great outdoors?
At the hotel U Capu Biancu, social distancing comes naturally. No need to erect plexiglass walls or carry out complex calculations to respect a given distance. Here, your paths will only cross if you want them to. Here, we have designed outdoor spaces to allow you to breathe peacefully. Breathing in the fresh air ... You've been dreaming of it, haven't you? Breathing in fresh, clean air, far from the vagaries of our modern lives. This healthy and serene breath has always been our watchword. We knew that luxury was space and the outdoors.
News U Capu Biancu
Avr. 12 2021
Taking command of good ship U Capu Biancu!
  When you take command of a catering service like that of the U Capu Biancu hotel, you might just be worried about having to weather a few storms and being rocked by the waves. Well ... If you aren't experienced in the area, at least. Jean-Marc Culioli, on the other hand, has plenty of experience to offer! And just as well, as he will be taking over. Vanessa has decided to "disembark" and take a course in oenology. She'll still be keeping a foot on board however, in our cellar where she continues to preside over the best wines of the region and further afield. And so Jean-Marc Culioli now takes the helm.
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Avr. 05 2021
A story of rooms and suites
We could say that the rooms of U Capu Biancu are cosy and comfortable. That they are beautiful and original. But wouldn't that be so very cliché? Our rooms are much more than that: they are a story. Yes, all our rooms are a story. A natural story that we wanted to tell with stone (that of Bonifacio, for example), wood, copper, brass and other noble materials. A dreamlike story, written with captivating hues. A fictional, eternal story made up of objects collected from here and there, to which we have offered a second or even third life. And, above all, a love story that we have crafted over time, with the strength of our arms. 
News U Capu Biancu
Mar. 29 2021
Still locked up, we can't wait to look outside
As the French singer Charles Trenet once crooned, "still locked up, we can't wait to look outside". It seems that today, more than ever, we dream of seeing the outdoors. Yes, we want to walk outside, to eat outside. We want to sing, dance, laugh and breathe outside. Those who know us, know the great care we put into our interiors: we want them to be fashionable, pretty and comfortable. We shape them with you in mind, with your need for peace and quiet and desire to escape. And that's how we designed our villas too: arranged like silk cocoons, soft and enveloping. Decorated and furnished as genuine sanctuaries, quiet and silent. But what we wanted, perhaps more than anything, was for these villas to be open to the outdoors.
News U Capu Biancu
Mar. 22 2021
Our teams' environmental awareness
Say, what are you doing next season? What's that? Want to join the U Capu Biancu staff? It would be our pleasure! But first, we need to know that you are committed. Not just to our home that we adore and wish to preserve, but also to the land that hosts it. Because it, too, must be preserved. And so, we have developed this little quiz (and don't bother cheating, because we'll find out soon enough).
News U Capu Biancu
Mar. 08 2021
U Capu Biancu, against winds and tides
A storm! That's what this health crisis the world is going through really is: a storm. A patch of rough weather that we at the U Capu Biancu hotel know will eventually lift. In the meantime, we have had to make some decisions to face up to it. Decisions we didn't want to regret. And so, yes, we kept jobs, yes, we recruited and yes, yes and yes again, we opened the doors of our house to you. Rather than dropping anchor, we continued to sail. Sometimes playing it by ear, it's true. But always holding the helm firmly and never dropping the mainsail. Never ceasing to think of you and how much we love to serve you.
News U Capu Biancu
Fév. 17 2021
Artists and creators of Corsica, the U Capu Biancu hotel offers up its doors, its walls, its shop and its stage to you
Art is a river. It is a river, a stream. It flows, sometimes calm, sometimes impetuous. It runs along the paths, towns and villages of Corsica. Digs a furrow in our hearts and souls. A furrow from which a stream of emotions flows, a stream we may not always be able to control, but which is oh so invigorating. This river, this stream and this creek journeys on to reach the confluence, that peaceful place where all arts come together to better express themselves: U Capu Biancu!
News U Capu Biancu
Août. 14 2020
A travelling regatta that combines elegance, sport, fair play and adventure around the island of beauty, sponsored by the Yacht Club de France
The Corsica Classic is a sporting, lifestyle and very exclusive event that forms part of the tradition of beautiful Mediterranean classical sailing regattas. With the Régates Napoleon, launched this year by the Corsica Classic Yachting association, the regatta positions itself as the number one classical sailing race on the island of beauty and an unmissable event in the Mediterranean. In the official 2020 yachting calendar, the Corsica Classic, with the Régates Napoleon – held from 20 to 25 July in Ajaccio – is the first regatta to open the season of gatherings in the Mediterranean, after all events were cancelled or postponed in Autumn due to the pandemic. Open to all CIM-rated traditional yachts and IRC 2020-rated "Spirit-of-tradition" yachts, this race forms part of the official circuit organised by the International Committee of the Mediterranean and the French Association of Traditional Yachts (AFTY).
News U Capu Biancu
Juin. 22 2020
Welcome to our secret hideaway
It's party time at the U Capu Biancu hotel, as we're finally opening our doors! What a treat! We've been so excited to see you again! To meet you and welcome you here, as of 23 June, in our secret hideaway. Because the U Capu Biancu hotel is a secret hideaway. A treehouse where children create their own stories. A haven of hard work in search of a serene holiday, a stopover for travellers eager to discover sea air and freedom. U Capu Biancu is a little corner at the end of the world. Overlooking the bay of Santa Manza, just a few kilometres from the cliffs of Bonifacio and looking out onto the Mediterranean, without ever turning its back on the Corsican maquis, it is the oasis we have been loving crafting for years.
News U Capu Biancu
Avr. 02 2020
Because there's always an after ...
Because there must be an "after", we at the U Capu Biancu have been dreaming of what this might mean. More precisely, we have been anticipating it. And so, first of all, we turned to yesterday before looking at the present. For we are certain of it: yesterday and today will make tomorrow. 
News U Capu Biancu
Fév. 04 2020
Working at the U Capu Biancu hotel
Apply just to apply? What's the point! Work just to work? Definitely not! Not here, anyway. Not at the U Capu Biancu hotel. Here, work is not about putting food on the table. It's not an insult either. It is a value, that of respect. It is a commitment, a philosophy, a way of life. The first thing we see at the U Capu Biancu is the sea and the Corsican sun. And we say to ourselves: "Great! I'm going to have fun while I work!"Then we see the stars. There are four of these stars. Yes, they deserve to be respected because they are the result of hard, long-term work. And because they offer the guarantee of a certain quality of service and professionalism. However, they do not demand any pompous style, stiff uniforms or ceremonial attitudes. What the stars of the U Capu Biancu demand is sincerity and authenticity, trust and benevolence.
Juil. 21 2022
Un minibar 100 % fattu in Corsica !