U Capu Biancu
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The love story between the U Capu Biancu hotel and the sea has been years in the making. This alliance, based on respect, has spawned an idea: to use naturally renewable marine thermal energy to drastically reduce our gas and electricity consumption. Because we have to start somewhere, we decided to start by establishing a hybrid hydro power station using the thermal energy of fresh water. And so our idea became a project. And the project became ... reality

A hybrid hydro power station? What wasthat?

We won't go into technical explanations, or we would be here all night. However, we can "sketch out" the rough idea for you: a buried freshwater tank, a complex piping system, and sensors with AI to capture solar, thermal and wind energy. All this on the basis of clever calculations and in anticipation of an even more advanced technology: ocean thermal-energy conversion.

Ocean thermal-energyconversion?

What a mouthful! But when it comes to energy, it's a real winner! Ocean thermal-energy conversion is a system for recovering thermal energy from the sea. It is then routed through piping to a technical room, from which it will be redistributed across all energy-supply networks (including heating and air conditioning).

Naturally renewable energies for a sustainable hotelindustry

As you can see, the U Capu Biancu hotel has once again set itself a major environmental challenge: to use the naturally renewable thermal energy of water – initially fresh water and then, as soon as we can, seawater – to heat and/or cool our facilities. As a result, we will reduce or even eradicate our consumption of gas and electricity. A daring move, and we are the first hotel in Corsica to have taken the leap ... Not surprising, is it?