U Capu Biancu
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While some enjoy a well-deserved retirement, others are getting moving. And for good reason, and with great care, of course! "Retirement is the port in which we must take refuge after the thunderstorms of life", wrote Voltaire. It is true that our donkeys have weathered a few storms. Those storms that only the sky knows how to make: rainy, electric and thundering. But rest assured, our four-legged companions have already enjoyed plenty of shelter. We've made sure of it, especially given their important daily mission: to graze and to come and greet you.

Our donkeys' "difficult"mission
Yes, the donkeys of U Capu Biancu have worked hard. Imagine: grazing, chewing, taking three steps, lifting your head, raising your ears, occasionally letting out a bray, lowering your head ... and starting over. No, really, a donkey wants for nothing. As you can see, we've offered them a retirement worthy of the name. They needed to rest and recover from doing all this ... resting. And that's exactly what we have done. Today, they spend their days happy (even more so than before), chilled and pampered.

Siestodrome andCapulailler
Missing the sight of their big ears, we struggled to see their space deserted in this way. And so we hoped to pay tribute to them by transforming this space into a ... siestodrome. A few extra deckchairs, more space and absolute peace of mind for you. Here, the only noise that will reach you will be the rustling of waves on the beach. And perhaps the clucking of our hens, located at the other end of the estate. Because if our donkeys are enjoying a peaceful retirement, on the other side of the "Capulailler", they are getting busy: they lay, they peck and they recycle green waste, waddling and giggling. In short, at the U Capu Biancu hotel, animals take pride of place. We love them and they give it back to us a hundred times over. Taste our fresh eggs and you will understand …