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Winter has been over for several months now, though it seems that you still have not listened to the cry of your body ... Tut tut! How come? Don't you hear it begging you to offer it a moment's respite? A restorative break?  Listen to your body, if only for a moment. Ask yourself and let yourself be guided by that little voice that whispers that it is finally time. The past year has been particularly trying, for everyone. For our morale, but also for our bodies. Both are now calling for that nourishing silence, for inner peace. A silence and peace that we at the U Capu Biancu hotel cultivate with particular attention. Because we know. We know that they are essential to your well-being. What's more, in addition to the hotel's comforting nature and soothing environment, here you will find the magic keys to relaxation.

The sea, the naturalkey
Even before we dive in, the sea soothes the senses and awakens our energies. Its sea-salted fragrance and the shoreline's trembling waters are an invitation to swim. Whether you prefer a relaxing splash in the water or a more athletic swim, you muscles will come to life immediately. As for the spirit, it is quite literally reborn 
The magic keys to relaxation U Capu Biancu

Yoga, the spiritualkey
For the body to regain peace, the mind must become serene. You must be reconnected, brought back to the essential: you! The soothing voice of our yogi, together with some comfortable poses and the sea as your background are sure to help you refocus.
The magic keys to relaxation U Capu Biancu

Fitness, the athletickey
Physically letting go helps to empty one's mind of negative thoughts. Physical exertion therefore becomes a form of liberation. At the U Capu Biancu hotel, sport is natural, eco-friendly and adapted to your abilities: wooden and leather dumbbells, non-motorised treadmill, water rowing machine and more.
The magic keys to relaxation U Capu Biancu

Spa, the relaxationkey
Our spa is a cocoon. Nothing more and nothing less than a cocoon. Breathable and relaxing. Here, you can enjoy a range of invigorating or relaxing treatments. Slip into a donkey-milk bath. Soak up the refreshing scent of Corsican immortelle or the reassuring scents of honey. Here, all you need to do is breathe.
The magic keys to relaxation U Capu Biancu