U Capu Biancu
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Words. Beautiful words written by Korean poet Yun Son-Do in the 17th century. Words that now resonate no longer as an adage, but as a challenge to be met. And for good reason: though in the poet's time we were far from ever imagining that water would be no more eternal than the earth that carries us, today we must overflow with ideas to preserve it. And at the U Capu Biancu hotel, we have plenty ... We are, of course, a seaside hotel, a four-star hotel and a hotel in Corsica. And so, should we put the preservation of natural resources on the back burner? Definitely not!

Together, we respectwater!

Our commitment to this is as firm as it always has been. In fact, it has been strengthened with the Rispettu charter, which we have followed for several years now. This charter supports us in all our environmental efforts – particularly with regard to water. As such, we have implemented various actions to protect our most precious asset after the air we breathe: water! 

U Capu Biancu preserveswater
We strive to prevent excessive consumption of water! For this, we distribute Acqua Chiara filtered water in our rooms and restaurant. We use water-flow restrictors. We recycle water: we have installed reed beds that allow us to collect water to water our gardens and vegetable garden. By changing linen only on request, we significantly reduce the number of washes carried out and, as a result, the consumption of water. All this is done with your support, which we warmly welcome. And better yet, you and the nature around us are our driving force. A driving force that is not about to stop, you can take our word for it ...
"Only water is eternal" U Capu Biancu