U Capu Biancu
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While elsewhere they might watch the sea dance, here at the U Capu Biancu hotel, we dance with it. On board our Boston Whaler or our Zodiac, we follow its curves. Better yet, we allow it to lead us into narrow coves, to unknown places known as Lavezzi, Bonifacio or Santa Manza. Here, you don't need to be a qualified captain to enjoy a day at sea. Absolutely not! Gilles our skipper is here to take you sailing. But watch out! You will still need to bring appropriate equipment!

Onboard attirerequired!

Yes, there is a dress code! And it's an important one! Let's start with a swimsuit: essential! Then, a pair of flip-flops, fundamental, and sunglasses – an absolute must. Add a cap or hat, firmly secured to your head, and you're ready to go. All you need to do is make your way down the pontoon and board our Boston Whaler. Or our Zodiac. From then on, it's plain sailing!

The Mediterranean, a very realdream
From here, admire a palette of blues, alternating between the darkest shades and deepest turquoises, translucent and lush. Along the way, you'll discover some real natural treasures: secret coves and protruding and steep coasts. These are the stories and legends told by Gilles. Nothing but the beauty and vastness of the Mediterranean. A Mediterranean that we suggest exploring for either a half a day or an entire day.
Dance with the sea U Capu Biancu

Set sail for thehorizon!
Set sail for the horizon to fish or simply access a remote beach without worrying about roads. Or, when its time for a little aperitif, enjoy a unique setting sun (yes, we are biased, but you already knew that, didn't you?) and a deliciously sparkling and refreshing champagne.

Free marinegetaway

And to give you a little idea of the pearls of the Mediterranean, we offer you a marine getaway. This is our gift to all those who have chosen U Capu Biancu as their home port during their stay. We offer it as a breath of fresh air, a surprising breeze ...