U Capu Biancu
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A storm! That's what this health crisis the world is going through really is: a storm. A patch of rough weather that we at the U Capu Biancu hotel know will eventually lift. In the meantime, we have had to make some decisions to face up to it. Decisions we didn't want to regret. And so, yes, we kept jobs, yes, we recruited and yes, yes and yes again, we opened the doors of our house to you. Rather than dropping anchor, we continued to sail. Sometimes playing it by ear, it's true. But always holding the helm firmly and never dropping the mainsail. Never ceasing to think of you and how much we love to serve you.

Staying thecourse
We stayed on course, leaving none of our sailors on the dock. By maintaining our 30 permanent job posts, we have allowed 30 families to continue living their "life before" COVID-19. Last season, in the eye of the storm, seasonal workers joined the crew of U Capu Biancu. And what a crew! Dedicated, motivated and committed! An enthusiastic, professional crew who have delighted us with their work and good spirits. Likewise, we have increased our partnerships with Corsican producers, artists and artisans. And so we can say, without vanity but with pride, that we have contributed, in our own way, to supporting the Corsican economy.
U Capu Biancu, against winds and tides U Capu Biancu

Over there, on the horizon, yoursmiles
Of course, we had to stop a few times and cling to the rails. Without a doubt, the storm is not yet behind us and we must take out our telescope and keep looking straight ahead. But what we see over there, on the horizon – on that piece of life-saving land – is you. It's your smiles and laughter. Your desire to relax, your need to rest. So, we are sailing and we'll keep on sailing to give you what you deserve: the calm after the storm. And you know what? We've got the wind in our sails and are headed for the next season ... At full sail!