U Capu Biancu
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Art is a river. It is a river, a stream. It flows, sometimes calm, sometimes impetuous. It runs along the paths, towns and villages of Corsica. Digs a furrow in our hearts and souls. A furrow from which a stream of emotions flows, a stream we may not always be able to control, but which is oh so invigorating. This river, this stream and this creek journeys on to reach the confluence, that peaceful place where all arts come together to better express themselves: U Capu Biancu!

U Capu Biancu: the confluence of the arts ofCorsica
This confluence exists because the land of Corsica is an Eden for all those who create art. It exists thanks to you, our island artists and creators. Thanks to your talent, your commitment and your perseverance in maintaining this soil that we both know is so very fertile. And to continue fuelling it, and better yet, to help it grow, we offer you: our walls to exhibit your canvases and photographs; our shop to deploy your creations, be it jewellery, clothing, leather goods or small delicacies, etc.;and our stage, every Thursday over an aperitif, to present your music, songs, magic tricks and Chinese shadow-puppet shows.

Artists and creators … welcomehome!
Yes, really, you are welcome! Not just because we believe in the power of culture and creation, but because we firmly advocate for this power. This is our role as hoteliers, our calling as hosts, our desire as islanders. So, what more can we say: call us! Call us and present your works, your talent and your desires. And if you don't have one (though we doubt it), go knock on the door of your tenor neighbour to let them know they can now sing outside of their bathroom and give those friends who dare not show off their works a shake. And, if you have to, drag them all kicking and screaming. Because we cannot accept that art, culture and talent should remain in the shadows. No, art and culture must live, now more than ever! So, we're counting on you and we're champing at the bit to take your phone calls and, most importantly, welcome you at U Capu Biancu!
Artists and creators of Corsica, the U Capu Biancu hotel offers up its doors, its walls, its shop and its stage to you U Capu Biancu