U Capu Biancu
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Because there must be an "after", we at the U Capu Biancu have been dreaming of what this might mean. More precisely, we have been anticipating it. And so, first of all, we turned to yesterday before looking at the present. For we are certain of it: yesterday and today will make tomorrow. 

Yesterday, when U Capu Biancu was just a hotel, we set out to make it a haven for travellers. A breath of Corsican air. We have seen the sweat drip from our foreheads, as doubts creep into our minds and fears take over. We have rethought our hopes for the future and all our small and great victories as we turned what once seemed crazy into a reality. We have remembered the faces and laughter that permeated this place. And, little by little, we have reached today ...
Because there's always an after ... U Capu Biancu

Today, U Capu Biancu is a house. More than that, it is a little break in the lives of all those sucked up by the unbridled race of our modern world. A stopover looking out onto the Big Blue. A healthy break, in perfect harmony with the nature and landscape that surrounds it. Of course, circumstances have forced us to keep the doors of this great house closed for some time. A time of which we know nothing, except that it must be followed by an "after" ... 
Because there's always an after ... U Capu Biancu

Yes, and at the U Capu Biancu hotel, this "after" will be made, more so than ever, of honour and respect. For you, the men and women of this world, and for this land that so selflessly carries us. It will be made of love. For this Mediterranean sea that lavishes us with its intense blue, for this maquis that willingly shares its fragrances, for these mountains that watch over us in the distance, for these forests that promise us shade and freshness and for these rivers that water the island of Corsica. It will be made of human values. Those that praise the work of local producers, that honour our lands and their artisans. Yes, tomorrow, will be made of all this, and will be even more beautiful. And we will be delighted and proud to share this "after" with you.
Because there's always an after ... U Capu Biancu