U Capu Biancu
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Here, in this little corner of Corsica, no two years are alike. On the contrary, they each bring their share of treasures, in the form of a host of eternal gifts.. And another one! A year gone by … or almost.  One year, and not an easy one, as we – like many of you – have had to surf the waves. On the solitary waves that pleasantly rocked us, while others, dangerous villains, might have capsized us. But they barely managed to make us pitch ...

Nearly 30 years of U CapuBiancu
A year coming to an end and leading us, without fail, to a new one that we know will be exceptional. Why? Well, quite simply, because we are about to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of our beautiful, big house. That’s right! U Capu Biancu will celebrate its 30th anniversary in the year 2022. Thirty years … What an age! The age of all possibilities, all desires and – when it comes to U Capu Biancu – all surprises. 
The years go by, but each is different from the last U Capu Biancu

U Capu Biancu, the eternaloasis
And so another year has passed. A year in which many of you have shown your attachment and loyalty to our hotel. Thank you! Thank you for entrusting it with your most important moment and all your most poignant emotions. Thank you for making it your refuge, your haven, your oasis.   At the end of 2021, we wish you a wonderful and generous holiday. But, above all, we wish for you to love and to be loved. We wish for you to live fully and unreservedly. And, of course, we wish you "pace e salute".
The years go by, but each is different from the last U Capu Biancu