U Capu Biancu
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There are four. Different styles, different looks, different characters but an identical energy. They are our handsome men. More precisely, the handsome men of U Capu Biancu. Or rather, of the beaches of U Capu Biancu. On the sand or on the water, they share a singular mission: to make this small seaside area the scene of truly incomparable leisure. You might think this mission is simple, as nature has already achieved a true miracle in crafting these coves, covering them with such a delicate sand and inviting the Mediterranean to caress their shoreline. However, our handsome men – also known as Romain, Pierre-Louis, Abdé and Gilles – work hard, day after day, to maintain these little paradises.

Our handsome men keep an eye onthings
Cleaning, refreshment service, providing parasols, sunbeds, gazebos and canopy beds, managing water activities and sea outings: our handsome men go to every effort to ensure that you want for nothing. So that your nap (sacred in our hotel), your fun or, quite simply, your relaxation is absolute.

On the wildbeach
Walking through the maquis, you will discover a more secret cove, almost untouched. Even our handsome men do not venture here. Not because they fear its authentic side – far from it – but to allow you to grasp its natural calm. So that you can savour each and every moment with careful delight and in complete privacy. And so there are four. Four handsome men who watch over the beaches of U Capu Biancu, just as much as they look after your well-being. In a way, they are the guardian angels of your beach holiday ...