U Capu Biancu
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At the U Capu Biancu hotel, bread is not just bread. No … At the U Capu Biancu hotel bread represents the work and passion of Tarik, our baker. It symbolises life as we see it here: a life made of sharing, of healthy joys and of a love of food. There is a Catalan proverb that says "the best bread is homemade". And we couldn't agree more! Especially when it is homemade by a professional. Here, bread becomes a true gem to be enjoyed. It is a miracle, a miracle whose intoxicating aroma and flavour simply stuns. If you can find its creator, of course ...

Tarik, our miracleworker
Tarik is the baker of the Hotel U Capu Biancu. He has been our miracle worker for many years. Tarik doesn't make bread; he creates bread! Every morning, he kneads, works, proves, divides, balls, shapes and cooks the dough. Every morning, the delicious fragrance of his works – because, yes, they are true gourmet works – fill up each and every space in our great house. Then, they enrich breakfast buffets and picnic baskets, decorating lunches and dinners.

Breads with a thousand and one flours andflavours
One the one hand, we have Tarik's know-how. On the other, there is his rigorous selection of flour. 100% French flours. Wholewheat, Label Rouge flours for a deliciously scented crumb and a crispy crust. Flours that, combined with the expertise of our baker, offer up a delicious variety of breads: sourdough, loafs, charcoal breads, Corsican chestnut breads ... In short, a whole range of generous, soft and exquisite breads. An infinite selection of breads. Breads for all appetites ... So, do you fancy trying it?
The best bread is a homemade loaf U Capu Biancu