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Romain, a skipper with a bigheart

Talking about yourself isn’t always easy. Romain wouldn’t disagree on this point. When we asked him to open up to us because we wanted to introduce him to you through this blog, he was a man of few words. Not due to lack of cooperation, but rather modesty. And that's what we also love about Romain. His modesty, his candour, his discretion. "Also" because we love lots of other things about this young man. His beautiful eyes, of course, but above all, his seriousness, professionalism and kindness. His patience and calm.

Modesty and dedication...

Romain is our skipper. The captain of our Boston Whaler. He’s the one who takes you to the Lavezzi Islands and the foot of the Bonifacian cliffs. And strangely, when he’s at sea, his shyness melts away and he talks about the island of Corsica like no one else. With passion, for sure... Passion, knowledge of his region and a desire to please. Because what Romain loves as much as the sea and Corsica itself, is to make the people he’s with happy. And believe us, he does it with ease.

Romain, a skipper with a big heart U Capu Biancu

...essential qualities of any good sailor

Romain sails the waves of the Mediterranean with natural ease. At the same time, he was born on the water. Well, almost. A child of Sant'Amanza, he grew up in Bonifacio, his eyes captivated by the Ocean Blue. At the age of 13, he was already sailing aboard a "little boat" with his friends. To fish. Have fun. Enjoy life.

Romain, a skipper with a big heart U Capu Biancu

The man at the controls

We were lucky enough to cross paths with him, and he became a full member of our family. We love him like a son-in-law and respect the worker he is. The man at the controls! When the season ends and he’s done with all the boarding, berthing, mooring, casting off and other maritime manoeuvres, he takes the wheel of diggers, telehandlers, loaders and other construction machinery to work the land around U Capu Biancu.

So Romain is the sailor who’ll take you to discover the Corsican coasts. As you can see, he does much more than that: he’s a son of U Capu Biancu.

Romain, a skipper with a big heart U Capu Biancu