U Capu Biancu
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U Capu Biancu is closing its doors until next year. Another season has passed. One that we know will have done you as much good as it did to us.
So yes, we could hum a "farewell" song! To write to you that "it's only a goodbye". That if U Capu Biancu is over, it is only for this year because you will certainly return one day. At the same time, you assure us that "nothing will separate us" and that you will see us again.

Nothing really stops

If there's one thing we're sure of, it's that when you leave this holiday home, you've taken with you a multitude of memories. Which, when the cold weather hits, will warm you up like a fire. We know that your eyes have registered images of turquoise seas and majestic mountains. Your taste buds are certainly still impregnated with the sweet and spicy flavours of a gourmet Corsica. And when the deafening noises of the city stun you, your ears will whistle a little Corsican guitar tune that will bring you back here, on this little piece of land called U Capu Biancu.

Thank you, thank you, thankyou

As for us, our heart will beat this winter to the rhythm of these encounters which confirm our choice, that of having given this hotel the soul of a house. A house that you fill with your laughter and smiles, your curiosity and your desires. For this, there is only one word: thank you! This word, and we write it in all sincerity, we could repeat it endlessly, so grateful are we to you for accompanying us each season, for following in our "capucrazyness" in favour of the environment, for sharing your moments of happiness with us, in short, for being there. Again and again.