U Capu Biancu
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To this question, asked (almost) casually by Vanessa, head of the U Capu Biancu hotel cellar and vineyards, an answer burst forth: 17 and 18 February! Of course! We needed a new challenge! A challenge that aligns with the philosophy of the U Capu Biancu four-star luxury hotel, and our desire to develop sustainable and responsible tourism. So, after a vegetable garden, a chicken coop, a permaculture farm, why not a vineyard?  

A measuredgamble
Of course, this was a gamble, but a measured one. Put simply, we were more than familiar with Vanessa's professionalism and expertise in this area. Of course, this didn't stop her from going on to perfect her knowledge, first by training in the management and operation of a vineyard and winery. Then, by trying to understand the work of a nursery owner, studying how they plant the vines, and the care they put in to guarantee their good health upon arrival. She also had a rummage through the research centre located on the eastern plain to select old, forgotten grape varieties: Vintaghju for its tannic and peppery complexity, flourishing nicely with Sciacarello, and Cualtacciu for its freshness, minerality and modest side, blending perfectly with the Vermentinu.
"And when do we plant the vine?" » U Capu Biancu

And, in the heart of it all, grows avine
We will therefore plant our own vines on a half hectare of land located near the villas of U Capu Biancu. 6,800 vines planted in the ground, upon stakes, leading their fruits into our goblets, just as our ancestors did. To pamper each vine, one by one. They will be cared for through biodynamics, following the lunar cycle and working the soil as little as possible, while listening to the needs of the vine. We will follow the growth of each one with all the attention they deserve. And we hope to see the appearance of our first harvest at the dawn of 2025! Yes, the U Capu Biancu hotel will have its own vineyard! And its own wines, that we can't wait for you to taste. Because, without a doubt, behind this new adventure lies our tireless desire to please you.