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A mini-bar that’s 100% fattu inCorsica!

When we talk about "locavorism", we’re talking about commitment. Commitment to a land, to producers and, of course, to ... your taste buds. And we honour our convictions in full (and our love of great food as well). Go on, open the mini-bar, treat yourself and you’ll see what we mean...

Corsican waters

Let's start with water, this product that’s become the Holy Grail over the years. In Corsica, it comes from mountain springs. Whether still or sparkling, from Balagne or Castaniccia, whether it’s called Zilia or Orezza, it’s the lifeblood that flows through the veins of the island of Corsica. A refreshing sap that quenches the thirst and invigorates.

A mini-bar that’s 100% fattu in Corsica! U Capu Biancu

Corsican sodas and fruit juices

Yes, Corsica also produces sodas! Should we also mention that the famous Coca-Cola drink was invented by a certain Angelo Mariani, a Corsican chemist? Perfect! So it’s only logical that we should slip a Corsica Cola or Gialla artisanal lemonade in our mini-bar. As for fruit juices, they have the zest of organic oranges and red fruits from Frescufrescu, an island brand that needs no added vitamins.

A mini-bar that’s 100% fattu in Corsica! U Capu Biancu

Corsican alcohol

They’re certainly to be enjoyed in moderation. But especially with relish. So as not to lose any of their power. Refined power for Teddi Patrimonio rosé wines. Amber power for the famous Pietra beer with chestnut flour, and elegant for Serena blonde. Discreet power for sarsaparilla liqueur and deliciously sweet for homemade clementine. Oh yes, at the U Capu Biancu hotel, we also create liqueurs!

Sweet treats from Corsica

The sweet treats you’ll discover by delving inside the mini-bar in your room bear the taste of Corsica. Homemade crackers and Bonifacio peanuts will put a little salt in your stay. Aline's chocolate bars, speckled with Cervione hazelnuts, are proof, if any were needed, of the talent and inventiveness of our producers.

As you’ll appreciate, we’ve tasted all, absolutely all of what’s on offer in our mini-bar. We had to make sure each product tasted just perfect. And it’s true, we also had to satisfy our own taste buds. Now that’s dedication for you...

A mini-bar that’s 100% fattu in Corsica! U Capu Biancu