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Saveria Geronimi is an artist. A true artist.  Her creations? Real jewels! We mean this both figuratively and literally. Saveria Geronimi loves to create, and that's good news for us! Good news for our hands, our necks, our ears and even our shoulders, as she adorns them with refined and original jewellery. Good news for the hotel U Capu Biancu, for which she has created a new collection. Originality and made-to-measure are the hallmarks of Saveria Geronimi and her Germès brand.

Germès-Créateur de bijoux, a little girl'sdream

"As a little girl", she explains, "I loved being alone and experimenting with whatever I had to hand. In my garden, I worked the earth; modelling it gave me a feeling of well-being and I was constantly amazed by the shapes I managed to give it."And then there were the other creations: drawings, accessories for dolls, customising her own clothes. "But it was with the creation of jewellery that I really flourished," admits the artist. Taking care to combine colours, shapes and materials, seeing my family and friends wear my jewellery gave me a real sense of pride. »

So British

It was in London, where fashion happily blends royalism and irreverence, that the artist took her first steps: green parks, geometric buildings and "so British" looks were an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her. She shared her passion with people in back-to-work training, took two jobs to fund the necessary materials, registered for welding courses, then travelled, her portfolio under her arm, through the streets of the capital, knocking at the doors of prestigious shops. One of them, on Carnaby Street, now stocks her creations. Then there were the exhibitions. In London and Scotland. Other shops signed contracts with her. Germès was therefore launched. And launched well!

Character pieces that tell a story.

Today, rings, necklaces, bracelets and shoulder jewellery display a resolutely original and contemporary design: refined and timeless. Her style? An offbeat, extravagant and avant-garde touch. A style that we embraced at first glance. This love at first sight has given birth to original creations, bracelets and pendants in gold, silver or both, specially designed for U Capu Biancu. Like all Germès pieces, they are unique, shaped without any industrial processes. And like all Germès pieces, they tell a story. This story, that of our great house, is released in limited edition. So, we strongly suggest coming to discover them here, at the U Capu Biancu hotel shop, and leaving with the fruits of an original collaboration, a unique holiday souvenir, a purchase with some meaning behind it: a Germès piece with the U Capu Biancu stamp.