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A rock birthday against a full moonbackdrop

A rock birthday against a full moon backdrop? It's at the U Capu Biancu hotel on 13 July. With the band Little Rock, and you, of course...

A little rock never hurt anyone. Quite the contrary! Especially to celebrate a birthday... What’s more, it’s something we know quite a lot about here at the U Capu Biancu hotel: every year, for quite some time now, the band Little Rock has been brightening up some of our evenings. Rock, variety, pop, talent and music. People dance, people sing, people "party" - in short, we celebrate and live life to the full.

Rock under a full moon

This year, U Capu Biancu celebrates its 30th anniversary. We could have chosen a random date in the season to celebrate this event. However, we preferred to choose a special evening. A magical evening. An evening ... with a full moon. Yes, we thought rock under a full moon would be the perfect combo: great sound and beautiful light. So we set this celebration for 13 July.

A rock birthday against a full moon backdrop U Capu Biancu

No special clothing required

A dress code? I don’t think so! Thirty is the age when anything is possible. The age of all (well, almost all) freedoms. Therefore ... flip-flops or stiletto heels, shorts or tuxedo, sarong or sequined dress, sun hat or cap - it's up to you. The only requirement we have is that you bring your smile and a real desire to have a good time.

So ... are you coming?

A rock birthday against a full moon backdrop U Capu Biancu