U Capu Biancu
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Say… What are you doing for the Easter holidays? Not quite sure yet? Well ... Here's an idea that's sure to help you make up your mind. And with good reason! We offer you a real journey. Or, to be more precise, a break. An Easter break ... Your destination: Corsica of course! Because we know that this island is the perfect place for peace at this time of the year. Your refuge: one of our five villas, whose doors will open for the first time on 9 April. Even before the hotel U Capu Biancu! We've made this choice for you. To allow you to breathe in the very earliest notes of spring. And help you fill up on nature and serenity.

Minimum service for maximum tranquility

To allow you to enjoy your cocoon and not interfere in your happiness, we will be particularly discreet. As such, we will leave you to organise your own meals, including breakfasts. Of course, before your arrival, we will provide cleaning (which we will also take care of upon departure), clean and heat your pool, ready your rooms and tidy each and every space – in short, we will prepare your home with all the professionalism of a luxury hotel.

Such is life in the villas of U CapuBiancu
You? All you need to do is let yourself live, here in the shade of the holm oaks and olive trees. To offer yourself a few peaceful naps, sheltered from sight behind the dry-stone walls of Bonifacio.  To stroll in the heart of our vineyard. To enjoy a dip in the sea and sunbathing on the beach of Canetto, located just a few steps away. In fact, all you need to do is think about yourself. You and your well-deserved holiday.