U Capu Biancu
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A new sea-view villa for U CapuBiancu

Our kids had a dream. The dream of a child. That of a house whose praises we once sang from our little boat, during family outings at sea. We, Jean-Louis and Sylvie Limongi, showed them this house and said: "This is the most beautiful house of Bonifacio!"Dazzled by the water's reflection and the Mediterranean sun, they saw a castle. One of those only a childlike imagination could build.

And so our children grew up with this crazy dream that, one day, this "castle" would be theirs. Yes! These gardens, this breath-taking view and this historic building would be theirs. And so, when they learned that it was up for sale, their determination never ceased: their dream had to come true. So we rolled up our sleeves and dug deep to fulfil this childhood dream. Because as Jacques Brel once sang, "a child picks up a dream, brings it to his lips and leaves singing." And we wanted to hear our children sing …

The strength and magnificence of thisplace

This house was born on the heights of Bonifacio, almost on the cliff face, upon the remains of an old grain mill. What words are there? What words could describe this unique environment? To express the strength and power of this extraordinary place? How could we describe this view of the Madonetta and the gully of Bonifacio without distorting the magnificence of their landscapes? It must be experienced. Yes, this place must be experienced, its atmosphere felt, in order to understand it.

A new sea-view villa for U Capu Biancu U Capu Biancu

A house with its own, strongcharacter

In our minds, this villa is already well endowed with a unique character, and rightly so: at this end of the world – like U Capu Biancu located just a stone's throw away – the house overlooks the Mediterranean. Sheltering some fabulous secrets: a green garden here, a covered and heated swimming pool there, embedded in a stone wall. Noble materials all around: precious wood, tadelakt and bejmat tiles made by Marrakshi masters, limestone laid according to ancestral know-how, terracotta aged to perfection. You'll also find an indoor kitchen and a summer kitchen. Intimate openings and large bay windows offer up a view of the most beautiful landscapes this world has to offer.

Doors opensoon

Yes, this house lives and breathes U Capu Biancu. Its assertive temperament, its geographical singularity, its architecture and the atmosphere that emerges from it make a veritable U Capu Biancu exception. An exception whose doors will open this June to welcome the first "Capubianquists". To welcome YOU! Because, as you'll soon understand, this childhood dream was brought to life for you to enjoy too. And this is only the beginning of a new life for the building, as, over the years, we will raise it in the purest U Capu Biancu tradition. Over time we will transform it, making it the worthy daughter of U Capu Biancu. For now, we can't wait to present it to you.