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Three retreats to take care ofyourself

Breathe in. Take the time. Time for yourself. Time to free your body and mind from all tension. Breathe in. Breathe out. Listen to yourself and find yourself at last. This is what we want for you: the chance to enjoy a peaceful moment. And so we have organised three retreats. Three breaks in which to forget the world, against the backdrop of U Capu Biancu and its soothing environment.

"Shapes in Motion" retreat with Laure Dary from 29 May to 1 June2023

What if life was nothing but movement? Movement of the body, movement of the heart, movement of the soul. If our lives were nothing but movement, then this must be cared for. Anticipated, thought, felt and lived. Laure Dary is a dancer. A professional dancer for whom movement, especially that of the body, holds no secrets. Better yet, for her, it is a source of creation. Of healing, of relaxation and of well-being. It is benevolent. Respectful. It is original. And it is at the heart of the "Shapes in Motion" retreat.

Three retreats to take care of yourself U Capu Biancu

"Ayurveda and Yoga" retreat with Muttummal Narayanan from 11 to 15June

This is the story of a marriage. The marriage between two complementary practices. The union of Ayurveda, an ancient holistic medicine, and yoga. Why this union? To better discover and rediscover oneself. To learn to travel within one's own body – one's own mind. The vaidya Muttumal Narayanan, eminent Ayurvedic practitioner in India, will therefore give you the keys to better understand yourself. To relieve your ailments, whether physical or spiritual. To dive into the heart of a peaceful world. A world that will surely see you (re)born …

Three retreats to take care of yourself U Capu Biancu

from 16 to 19 September 2023

"Here & Now" retreat with MarionVaissière-Théron

Being in the moment. Living in the moment. That moment where you can be yourself. Just you. Where nothing else exists but your body, your heart and your soul. Marion Vaissière-Théron will guide you to this moment, to the "here and now". She will help you find your breath. That same breath we call life. A life which revolves around you. A life made of energies. Those of the land that carries you, the air that you breathe and the sea that surrounds the island of Corsica. All of these energies feed into yours. And so if you fear having lost it, worn it out or swapped it for physical and/or moral fatigue, this retreat is for you.

Discover these three breaks, each lasting a few days, that we have designed for you. A few days during which you'll go from yoga positions to marine escapes, to detox moments, relaxing massages and contemplative interludes. Four days from which you will certainly emerge grown and at peace.

Namaste …

Three retreats to take care of yourself U Capu Biancu