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A confidential holiday home
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A hideaway in the heart ofnature
Homepage U Capu Biancu
Homepage U Capu Biancu
A hedonist'sdream
Homepage U Capu Biancu
Homepage U Capu Biancu
An environment oftranquility
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Homepage U Capu Biancu

Once upon a time … a luxury hotel in Bonifacio, in the south ofCorsica

U Capu Biancu opens its doors and reveals the true soul of the island. An island known to the locals as 'Corse'. Or Corsica. Or Kallistê, the beautiful one. An island that proudly stands as a luminous frontier, facing the world – a little corner of paradise and an exceptional heritage that must be protected.

A charming hotel in Corsica

The soul of afamily

30 years! Over 30 years of hard work. Of an all-encompassing passion. Of an unwavering commitment. Yes, for more than 30 years, we – Sylvie and Jean-Louis Limongi – have put our hearts and souls into the U Capu Biancu hotel. We have given it our very DNA. Like a father and a mother. Our children grew up with this hotel. Laughed and cried with it. It has forged them, shaped them, united them and empowered them. Today, while U Capu Biancu has become this magnificent four-star luxury hotel in Southern Corsica, Jade, Ambre and Pierre-Louis have chosen to gradually take over the torch. To cherish it as we have always cherished it, bringing to it that freshness and creativity so inherent in youth.

The world of the U Capu Biancu hotel,

A rare land:Corsica
The U Capu Biancu hotel is said to have an … independent character. And it's true. That's just the way we wanted it. We designed it as a singular land, made up of equally singular islets (our rooms). We have shaped it amidst scrumptious scents, shimmering colours, sharp aromas, comforting silences and marine expanses. All these natural resources that make Corsica what it is: a rare land. A land that we breathe in deeply and passionately. A land that creates ideas. Among these ideas is one particularly close to our hearts: to continue advancing on the path of a different hotel industry, whose luxury is none other than the nature that surrounds it.
Homepage U Capu Biancu

The manager of the U Capu Biancu hotel in Bonifacio

Marie-Josèphe Mucchielli, a local born andbred

Marie-Josèphe Muchielli loves letters. A strange paradox, she loves numbers, too. Especially those that explain, analyse, help define a strategy. And that's not all - she speaks the "U Capu Biancu" language. Are you familiar with it? That language made up of values, authenticity and innovation. A child of Ghisoni, Marie-Josèphe first made extensive round trips between Corsica and the mainland. It’s difficult to break the bond with the island... Then it was Switzerland, where she joined the prestigious hotel school in Lausanne. And the world, which she travelled with a furious desire to learn: Vietnam, Ireland, Spain and Italy, where she settled for 15 years. And then, as mentioned, the famous song of the sirens. The visceral, irresistible call of Corsica. It's true, we certainly took the opportunity to catch her in the nets of U Capu Biancu. Nets, you’ll agree, which are oh so sweet and enchanting that managed to charm and enchant her.

Homepage U Capu Biancu

The U CAPU BIANCU four-star hotel in Bonifacio state of mind

A team, our guests, afamily
Here in this hotel in Southern Corsica, your hosts are a family. A family born from fundamental values that pair and harmonise: bringing together humour and work, respect and honesty, endurance and sincerity. All these values are governed by high standards and by the desire to exchange and share. And so we choose the members of our family almost religiously. We choose them for their skills, of course, but also for their smile and their desire to share beautiful moments in your company and to please you, and for the passion they feel for their profession, for this four-star hotel and for Corsica.
Homepage U Capu Biancu

U Capu Biancu, an intimate holiday home by the sea

A generous and attentiveteam
The four-star luxury U Capu Biancu hotel is an elegant, colourful and resolutely welcoming holiday home. Here, guests can leave all their desires in the hands of a warm and expert team. And let themselves simply live. Because they know! They know that our team will listen to them with the utmost attention. They know that every member of staff strives to please and satisfy. They know that, here, we share much more than we trade. All this comes together in the U Capu Biancu hotel to create the cosy and intimate atmosphere of a hotel by the sea in Southern Corsica. Above all, it is the serene and friendly atmosphere of a holiday home that oozes a very human warmth.
Homepage U Capu Biancu

U Capu Biancu, the four-star nature hotel

Outside, a multitude of cosynests
Isolated from the hustle and bustle by a long asphalt road, the four-star luxury U Capu Biancu hotel is hidden from the world by the flowery and fragrant maquis. Constructed above the sea, it gladly opens its doors to travellers in search of serenity and reflection. Here and there, the site is dotted with quiet shelters: an arbour, a siestodrome, a hammock, a canopy bed, a beach or a corner of the maquis. A host of little refuges where we make new memories. Nests where one devotes oneself entirely and solely to oneself. From shelters where life flows peacefully, to the rhythm of a holiday home.
Homepage U Capu Biancu

U Capu Biancu and ecology


We carry out certain actions on a daily basis and encourage you to adhere to them: avoiding single use (goodbye straws and non-reusable plastic objects!), installing dispensers for shampoo and shower gel, favouring local production, natural recycling with our 100 laying hens, composting dedicated to our permaculture operations, and more. And then there are our projects ...

Using naturally renewable thermal energy from water to heat and/or cool our facilities? Reducing our consumption of gas and electricity? A daring move, and we are the first hotel in Corsica to have taken the leap. Firstly, by setting up a hybrid hydro power station using the thermal energy of fresh water. Then, as soon as possible, by installing a ocean thermal-energy conversion system to recover thermal energy from the sea. This will then be routed through piping to a technical room, from which it will be redistributed across all energy-supply networks, including heating and air conditioning.


We breathe, we live environment. Our ideas and actions are guided by this principle. It's true that we had to take a sharp bend along the way. That bend has a name: Rispettu. "Respect" in Corsican. It's an eco-responsible hotel programme that we quickly signed up to. It's a programme that includes controlling water and electricity consumption, waste management, giving priority to ecological and local products, limiting the production of greenhouse gases, and so on. We were already taking action by sorting, considerably reducing the use of packaged products and managing food leftovers. And we're continuing to do so. We anticipate, we innovate, we invest, we aim: no more single use by 2025, installation of hydro-hybrid and soon hydro-arthermal energy. In recognition of our efforts (because, yes, protecting the environment requires money, lots of money; energy too, kilowatts of human energy), the Hotel U Capu Biancu has now been awarded the European Ecolabel. A score rarely achieved. A score that confirms us in the path we've taken. So we're continuing. We continue to be ambitious. To dare. Yes, we dare to put you at the heart of our commitment. We dare to make you players in this environmental philosophy. And more and more of you are following us. To take this path, to climb this mountain with us. That's our reward.


Behind the dry-stone walls that line the estate, on specially acquired agricultural land, U Capu Verde was born. An tree and vegetable farm that we cultivate through a system of permaculture – in other words, following the rhythm of nature and with the greatest respect for biodiversity. Chard, courgettes, onions, aubergines, olive trees and other fruit trees find fertile soil here and deliciously garnish the plates of U Capu Biancu.

Homepage U Capu Biancu

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