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  When you take command of a catering service like that of the U Capu Biancu hotel, you might just be worried about having to weather a few storms and being rocked by the waves. Well ... If you aren't experienced in the area, at least. Jean-Marc Culioli, on the other hand, has plenty of experience to offer! And just as well, as he will be taking over. Vanessa has decided to "disembark" and take a course in oenology. She'll still be keeping a foot on board however, in our cellar where she continues to preside over the best wines of the region and further afield. And so Jean-Marc Culioli now takes the helm.

Before you can become a captain, you have to besailor
When you meet Jean-Marc, the first thing that comes to mind is ... the sea! And with good reason! The man is a great lover of water sports, carried on the winds from Paris (where he managed the IT department of the port of Marseille), to the bow of the U Capu Biancu hotel in Bonifacio. As a true sailor, the man has scoured the seven seas: the Mediterranean, on which he served as the skipper for the U Capu Biancu's Boston Whaler; the Caribbean, where he stopped over (in Venezuela, to be more precise) to manage a tour operator; the Pacific, which he crossed, sailing from the Marquesas Islands to Fiji and the Indian Ocean. And it was on La Réunion that the seaman dropped anchor to embark on a new adventure: catering!
Taking command of good ship U Capu Biancu! U Capu Biancu

From the sea tocatering
This adventure spanned 10 years! 10 years in which Jean-Marc opened a beach bar with a skipper friend, infused with cocktails, music and palm trees. Then, attracted by the service industry and good food, he opened a restaurant serving traditional cuisine. Then, another, offering up semi-gastronomic dishes. And then another, this time focusing on creole cooking. And to fully loop the loop in La Réunion, he took over a golf clubhouse, which he rented out for private banquets and other events. A total of five establishments, and some hundred thousand covers per year! As you can imagine, this adventure was transformed into a passion, and learning into expertise.  
Taking command of good ship U Capu Biancu! U Capu Biancu

From one island toanother
"My heart is in the water", as Jean-Marc likes to say. It is also in Corsica. Of course, Jean-Marc is a child of this land. It is therefore here that our sailor became a catering professional and sought to continue in this "very demanding, but oh so exciting" trade, to share his experience and to feel "the pleasure of pleasing others". And so he opened a hut on the beach of Palombaggia, managing the restaurants of a hotel establishment before going on to take over the catering service of the U Capu Biancu hotel that he knows so well. Yes, Jean-Marc Culioli has been busy. Yes, he has already lived a hundred thousand lives. Yes, he knows how to stay the course of our restaurant and our hut. And yes, we can't wait for you to meet him!  
Taking command of good ship U Capu Biancu! U Capu Biancu