U Capu Biancu
Our upcoming events U Capu Biancu
Our upcoming events
Our upcoming events U Capu Biancu
Our upcoming events
Our upcoming events U Capu Biancu
Our upcoming events
Our upcoming events U Capu Biancu
Our upcoming events
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Our upcoming events U Capu Biancu

Weekly highlights

The "Capu events" of theweek
Corsica? She's here to greet you. Hear her melody, savour her generosity and observe her charm. Sing and applaud – Pascal and Michel, these tender-hearted bears, will be swept away by your enthusiasm. Here is where your trip to the land of Corsica really begins ...
In the afternoon, don't be surprised if the tempting scents of a "nustral" porcelet or a goat born from the Corsican land lead you almost unconsciously to the rotisserie. No, your nose is not mistaken, it is here that the chef takes great care to masterfully cook the meat – artfully raised and bred – that he has chosen to share with you. An event you won't want to miss! 
If you're looking for a casual dinner, barefoot and even closer to the water and the stars, this is the place! Welcome to our brasero evenings at the hut. On the menu:  Glass of champagne with appetisers Brazier-grilled meat and fish and a grenaille potato salad Chocolate fondue dessert 
How do you fancy enjoying a good bouillabaisse with no bones and no Marseillaise accent, instead made in our local style: the Aziminu! A marinade prepared the day before so you can tell us what you think!

"Capu events" calendar

Our unmissable events of theyear

SEASON 2023:

  • Mid February 2023 (dates to be confirmed) : Corsican creators audition 
  • Wednesday June 21st, 2023 : Music festival with the Little Rock Band at the restaurant
  • Wednesday July 12th, 2023 : ' Music & Grill ' evening at the restaurant
  • Friday October 20th & 27th , 2023 : Musical evening with the Corsican duet Fred & Nico at the restaurant
  • Saturday October 28th, 2023 : Capu street market
  • During the Spring and Fall season: Enjoy our wellness & yoga retreats


SPRING RETREAT : "Shapes in motion" 2nd edition retreat by  Laure Dary - LD Studio

From May 29th to June 1st , 2023 - 4 days / 3 nights

A healthy and wellness stay to practice and detoxify your body. 



AYURVEDA WEEK : U Capu Biancu welcomes vaidya Muttummal Narayanan India's leading ayurvedic practitioner

From June 11th to 15th, 2023

A princely treatment in a dream setting : When the authentic Kerala meets Corsica




Our upcoming events U Capu Biancu