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Our recruitmentprocess

Much more than just a recruitment page with job offers! It's a genuine invitation to join the ranks of our community, where excellence, innovation and exciting opportunities are at the heart of everything we do. It's the starting point for an exceptional adventure.


Because we recognize that every candidate is a key player in our constantly evolving story, we're keen to build an exceptional future together and bring your career to life within our Group. We're not just looking for candidates, we're looking for bold minds and truly passionate talents. Join our dynamic team for a rewarding seasonal job, where personal development is at the heart of our long-term commitment.


And enjoy the benefits of live-in positions with furnished apartments (room-studio), creating an exceptional work experience.

Beyond seasonal positions, the professional journey doesn't stop at the season. Our home opens doors to fulfilling full-time career opportunities.


Ready to breathe new life into your career? Your Capu adventure starts here...


Recruitment U Capu Biancu
Nos postes Réception

Chef de Réception H/F

Assistante Chef de Réception / Suivi de qualité H/F

Réceptionniste H/F

Bagagiste H/F

Recruitment U Capu Biancu
Nos postes Etages

Assistante gouvernante H/F

Femme de chambre H/F

Equipier H/F

Recruitment U Capu Biancu
Nos postes Salle

Responsable petit-déjeuner H/F

Chef de rang H/F

Demi chef de rang H/F

Commis de salle H/F

Plagiste H/F

Recruitment U Capu Biancu
Nos postes Cuisine

Chef de cuisine H/F

Chef de partie H/F

Demi chef de partie H/F

Commis de cuisine H/F

Plongeur H/F

Recruitment U Capu Biancu
Nos postes Bar
Recruitment U Capu Biancu
Nos postes Spa

SPA praticienne


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Join the CapuTeam

Joining the Capu Team means embarking on a journey where excellence and passion come together in harmony. In harmony with the environment and rooted in strong ethics, we are the choice for those seeking a career or seasonal employment where passion and principles converge. Our pillars are quality, integrity and respect.


Within our company, people are the beating heart of our recruitment. Each member of our team is an essential artisan in the smooth running of the hotel. Every interaction counts, and communication goes beyond words. It's a genuine, warm connection with our guests, fostering a unique closeness that is uniquely our own. Every smile, every piece of advice, every moment creates a special bond. Because at Capu Biancu, we create a truly human hotel experience, shaking things up by going beyond ordinary hotel service.

Our vision

In pursuit of our vision, we aim to expand our Capu Family by welcoming new members who share our values. We are committed to creating optimal working conditions, offering every employee the opportunity to reconcile personal development with commitment to our collective project.


U Capu Biancu is much more than just a company! It's a family united by shared values and principles, embodied on a daily basis. It's also the opportunity to grow up in a professional environment conducive to success, where each individual can excel and offer the best. Each member plays an essential role in shaping the future.


We also place great emphasis on training our teams and passing on knowledge and skills. To ensure that every member of our team evolves in a working environment conducive to learning, where the transmission of knowledge is celebrated as an art form with passion and dedication. Creating a web where every detail counts. The rapid evolution of skills then becomes an inescapable chapter in your career.

Recruitment U Capu Biancu

Our values

At Capu Biancu, respect is the foundation of every interaction: self-respect, respect for others, and a deep respect for our land, Corsica. Our company is a family, united by the conviction that meaningful results are achieved together.


Each task is an opportunity to create something exceptional, driven by a passion for our work. In an ever-changing seasonal world, we remain true to our principles while embracing innovation. With a passion for the environment and an irreproachable team, we are committed to sustainability.


Every initiative we undertake is imbued with the responsibility we feel towards the environment, our communities and our island of beauty.

Recruitment U Capu Biancu