U Capu Biancu
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4-star new additions among the villas of U CapuBiancu

"True novelty is always born of returning to one's roots" – Edgar Morin. Would the great thinker have stayed in one of the villas of the hotel U Capu Biancu? Because, without a doubt, this is our vision of novelty: a return to simpler times!

Let us start with the source itself. The same source that our ancestors once drank from …

What if we could taste that water again?

Of course,we're not looking to divert our ancestors' spring to our homes, but instead to regain the quality of its water. An "eau-riginal" water used across the estate. In the form of a village fountain. With a glass bottle in hand, you'll be able to draw pure, delicious and naturally filtered water from this source.

We won't go into the details and all the technical terms like reverse osmosis, coral strands, vortexer, shungite or crystallo-therapy. To put it simply: we wanted the best water for you.

4-star new additions among the villas of U Capu Biancu U Capu Biancu

Fancy a game of p├ętanque?

Returning to our roots also means returning to our childhood. For us, this was spent in the pétanque courts alongside "missia" (our dad). The crowd roars at the end of each game. And that's why we've installed a pétanque court next to the villas. We can already hear the laughter, and that oh-so-crucial question: "shooting or pointing?"And since this is a particularly intense sport, both physically and mentally, we've opened up access to our permaculture winery. There, you'll be able to walk around and relax. Of course, the most athletic among you miss out on the chance to enjoy a jog around our vines …

4-star new additions among the villas of U Capu Biancu U Capu Biancu

Zero plastic!

Remember: there was a time before plastic! A time we hope to return to. So, no more polluting containers. Long live glass, bulk and cotton bags! No more cling film; hello fabric food covers. Coffee pods? Straight to the compost! Looking for more? Rest assured, this list is not exhaustive.

It simply serves to show you that, at the Hotel U Capu Biancu and its four-star villas, novelty is all about renaissance and naturalness.