U Capu Biancu
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There are days that start so incredibly well. These days, as a general rule, seem almost like a dream. Start one of them by sipping your morning coffee ,comfortably seated on the foreshore of a delightful and … airy suite! First, we have the morning coffee. Or tea. Or fruit juice, it's up to you. In short, there is the morning moment, to be enjoyed from 10 am, eyes set on the horizon or with a book in hand, breathing in the sea air. This moment, when savoured from the U Capu Biancu hut, tastes like the sun and the scent of the Mediterranean. This is a moment that sets the tone for the day ahead. A day full of promise and pleasant temptations.

The temptation of thespuntinu

Among all these temptations, there is one that is readily given in to on the island of Corsica: the spuntinu. This snack, consisting of a plate of local cold meats, can be enjoyed at almost any time of day. Yes, believe us! And, what's more, at the U Capu Biancu hut, we can have it ready for you immediately after your coffee! With a glass of local wine to give it that unique island flavour. Or to prolong the joy of having crossed the threshold of our hut shop and yielding to other temptations. Or perhaps, if you prefer, in the late afternoon to accompany your colourful cocktail and whet your appetite for the brasero evening.

A lunch in thehut
A lunch at the U Capu Biancu hut means sharing platters, fish carpaccio and tartare, crunchy salads, generous pasta, freshly caught fish and shellfish, and creamy desserts. All accompanied by a very fresh rosé!

Brasero evenings at the U Capu Biancu hut

During the summer weekends, we have "those evenings". The ones with an atmosphere that is not necessarily "gourmet", as fish, meat and vegetables adopt the summer flavour of the barbecue. A friendly atmosphere too, which can be enjoyed as a couple, with family or with friends. The U Capu Biancu hut can also host your private evenings: weddings, baptisms, business meetings and more. Because, let's face it, whether you want to celebrate or simply enjoy the great outdoors, it's more than a craving: it's a necessity!