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Though diamonds have a price, good advice is free. And if you're looking for good advice, U Capu Biancu's concierge is full of it. Particularly when it comes to Corsica and its secrets: unmissable places, unforgettable encounters, delicious tastings and entertaining activities, nothing (or almost nothing) of Corsica will escape you. Do we know each and every path of our country? To be honest, no! No, because these paths are infinite. Truly infinite! So much so that, each year, we discover new ones: new hiking trails, new marine routes, new air corridors.

We share the paths ofCorsica
Whether you're looking for a simply stroll or a veritable hike, these routes and the meetings discovered along the way reveal the island of Corsica. Of course, we could selfishly keep them to ourselves, like a river of diamonds locked away in a chest and never shown to anyone. But what a waste! Instead, we study them, select them and list them in order to better advise you.

The beaches ofCorsica
As for the beaches of Corsica, we know the most beautiful and wild ones. Those with sand as fine as it is white, and those with pebbles as soft as they are hot. The beaches of Bonifacio, the beaches of Porto Vecchio and many more. We'll let you know which are fully equipped and monitored, which are wild and serene, and which are accessible by land or by sea.

The secrets of Corsica … andBonifacio
If you didn't know better, you might just think that the cliffs of Bonifacio are simply an extraordinary (to say the least) mass of limestone. They are much more than that! Like the city that overlooks them, they are full of secret rough patches, juicy stories and illustrious treasures. We'll let you know how to take them on, where to admire them from and which guide or specialist to turn to.
To say that our advice is selfless would be a lie: as well as enhancing your stay, they are intended to help you meet, fall in love with and preserve Corsica. So don't hesitate to ask the concierge at the U Capu Biancu for their tips!