U Capu Biancu
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It's true, starting a post with a negative statement is certainly not the most engaging opening line. However ... Sometimes you have to say things like they are. And so, we are not a gourmet restaurant, we are much better: we are an authentic restaurant! Yes, and even if the term "authentic" may seem overused, there's no better way to describe chef Gadio El Hadji's cooking. A true and colourful cooking, sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet. A thoughtful cooking, a cooking from the heart, in which each dish reflects the commitment of the U Capu Biancu hotel.

A committedrestaurant

We are not a gourmet restaurant; we are a committed restaurant! Again, you might find yourself thinking that our vocabulary revolves around the world "committed". Not our vocabulary, no. The entire U Capu Biancu hotel and all the effort we put into making this house a haven of peace and good food, yes! Because commitment means solidarity. We work to ensure that the majority of our products come from this land, because we stand in solidarity. With your taste buds, with this Mother Earth, with our producers and with their labour.

An assertiverestaurant

We are not a gourmet restaurant; we are an assertive restaurant. We pride ourselves on our cuisine. And for good reason: it reflects who we are. It is just as passionate as we are, and it never lies. Never! So, no, we are not a gourmet restaurant, we are an authentic, committed and assertive restaurant. Come, take a seat, taste our cooking and you will understand ...