U Capu Biancu
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There is a French song that claims "we were all born to celebrate". And it's not wrong. Here at the U Capu Biancu hotel, we love to party. Most of all, we love to see you at our parties. And when it comes to organising the most beautiful feasts, you can count on us!

Baptisms, marriages and other moments ofjoy
There are private parties and intimate celebrations. Those we only share with loved ones. A baptism, a wedding, a vow renewal ... In short, we love to plan these events for you to ensure that they become unique and unforgettable moments. Moments that, over time, will be engraved in our minds not just as memories, but as real sources of life.

Reunions with friends and otherevents
And then there are our parties with friends. Or with colleagues. Reunions or simply opportunities to press pause on time: these are equally important moments. Moments in which we strive to take care of every last detail, so that you only have to worry about one thing: enjoying your party!

U Capu Biancu in festivemode

Whether its in a restaurant facing the big blue, on a beach in the shade of the gazebos or in the heart of our garden surrounded by the scents of the maquis, each space of the U Capu Biancu estate seems to have been designed to house these festive and unique moments. And don't try to find out what's going on behind the scenes! Because you won't find anything about our careful preparations, thoughtful arrangements, gourmet recipes, reflections, forecasts, adaptations or even relay races ... No, you won't see any of this because your only job will be to enjoy your day and make the most of your celebration!