U Capu Biancu
Our rooms U Capu Biancu
Our rooms
Our rooms U Capu Biancu
Our rooms
Our rooms U Capu Biancu
Our rooms
Our rooms U Capu Biancu
Our rooms
Our rooms U Capu Biancu
Our rooms
Our rooms U Capu Biancu
Our rooms
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A four-star hotel in SouthernCorsica

A journey, a history, a country. This is what the rooms and suites at the U Capu Biancu hotel have to tell you: a trip to Corsica, a natural and ... dreamlike story. A story told with noble materials, such as stone and wood, copper and brass, earth and iron. Together with captivating shades, the scents of the sea and the maquis, and objects collected from here and there that testify to an exceptional singularity. Yes, the rooms of this four-star hotel in Bonifacio are islands where bodily comforts combine with delights for the eyes and a peace for the soul. Preserved islands over which the world has no control.
Marine Superior Rooms SEA VIEW 2PERS26 m²

10 m² balcony. Wi-Fi. Bathtub and shower. Ground floor.


Two spacious rooms in all the colours of Corsica. From their terrace that opens out onto the sea, the blue of the Mediterranean dominates, allowing shades of red, yellow and orange to warm the interior and come together with the warmth of the wood and the strength of the stone.

Sea Superior Rooms SEA VIEW 2 PERS. 22 m²

7 m² balcony. Wi-Fi. Bathtub with shower. First floor or ground floor.


Seven planets! Seven themes! Seven journeys!

Our star rooms, hurry!


Outside, there is another world to be admired from the terrace: Corsica, surrounded by the Mediterranean!


*One of this room category is suitable for disabled guests.

Maquis Superior Rooms MAQUIS VIEW 2 PERS. 28 m²

20 m² terrace with solarium and private outdoor shower. Wi-Fi. Round bathtub and shower. Ground floor.


Four rooms infused with the sweet scents of plants. Equipped with a private solarium, a covered terrace, an outdoor shower and a secluded garden, sheltered from view by reed fences, they remind us of the Mediterranean cabins where life flows peacefully.

Maquis Standard Rooms MAQUIS VIEWS 2 PERS. 22 m²

10 m² terrace. Wi-Fi. Bathtub with shower. Maquis view enhanced by a small sea view from the terrace. Ground floor.


Five unique rooms surrounded by greenery. Light flows in, both radiant and reassuring. It floods each of the vast terraces. Inside, it rests on natural materials and only to depart at nightfall. Leaving behind it the delicious scents of the maquis. 

Small Maquis Rooms MAQUIS VIEW 2 PERS.16 m²

10 m² balcony. Wi-Fi. Bathtub with shower. First floor.


Three charming and cosy rooms. True cocoons, facing west, from which to enjoy all the benefits of the sun, the sweetness of Corsican evenings and the bewitching fragrance of the maquis. Their traditional decoration perfectly harmonises with the reflections of the surrounding vegetation.

Your hotel by the sea in Bonifacio

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