U Capu Biancu
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At the hotel U Capu Biancu, social distancing comes naturally. No need to erect plexiglass walls or carry out complex calculations to respect a given distance. Here, your paths will only cross if you want them to. Here, we have designed outdoor spaces to allow you to breathe peacefully. Breathing in the fresh air ... You've been dreaming of it, haven't you? Breathing in fresh, clean air, far from the vagaries of our modern lives. This healthy and serene breath has always been our watchword. We knew that luxury was space and the outdoors.

Space and the outdoors, a naturalluxury
And that's why we chose to build this large house in the heart of the maquis, whose scents mingle with those of the salty Mediterranean. We designed our house as a shelter, open to the great outdoors. A shelter in which each room overlooks a furnished terrace, from which to breathe in the fresh air while enjoying the panorama.

Catch your breath ... in the freshair
Yes, catch your breath. Outdoors, and in the shade of our pergolas and arbours, crafted from boats' sails, installed on the terraces of our bar. So you won't need to hurry back inside when the sun's rays become too warm. Catch your breath in the fresh air, "isolated", as if in your very own cocoon, behind the reed fences when the time for the "apérosé" comes around. Catch your breath in the fresh air, again and again, whenever you fancy treating yourself to that moment of grace that we in Corsica call the "sieste". We have set up a "siestodrome" for you above the pool. Imagine lying on a deckchair, facing the sea, in the peace and quiet, inhaling and exhaling to the rhythm of the Mediterranean waves. It's mad, isn't it, to think that luxury is not about flashiness but about nature and the air. And yet, at the hotel U Capu Biancu, at this little corner at the end of the world located just a few steps from the cliffs of Bonifacio, we have always demanded this luxury. And this year, you'll be able to experience this luxury and, most importantly, take a deep breath of our fresh air as soon as the next season comes around.