U Capu Biancu
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"Here comes the sun ..." Our Little Rock band could certainly give this classic Beatles song a go. And with good reason! Just like every year, its members are getting ready to ignite the dance floor of U Capu Biancu and celebrate the arrival of summer with music. Summer is like a song that rings out in our heads: it is full of pep and sweetness, joy and escape. It is a super-charged rock and a soul tinged with blues. We love all the music of summer. Like every 21 June, the Little Rock group brings this music to life: a few bends, a touch of groove, a couple of blues scales and, trust us, you'll only have one thing on your mind – partying.

First thewarm-up
As with any sporting challenge, first comes the warm up. We start by sipping a cocktail, prepared in one of our pop-up bars, to gently guide ease ourselves into the evening. Then, we'll listen to the "aperitif" set list of the Little Rock band, before heading to the dinner table.

Tasty dishes to fuel yourdancing
Any addict knows it well: partying requires a crazy amount of energy! And its true that after a few frenzied dance moves, our energy starts to dip. Don't panic! We've thought of everything: Chef El Hadji Gadio's fine dishes are like a magic potion. Two or three bites and you will be ready to sway, jig, jerk and swing until dawn! Don't you think? Well, book your evening and when the time comes, put on your most comfortable shoes and ... Come dance with us!
Here comes summer! U Capu Biancu