U Capu Biancu
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As the French singer Charles Trenet once crooned, "still locked up, we can't wait to look outside". It seems that today, more than ever, we dream of seeing the outdoors. Yes, we want to walk outside, to eat outside. We want to sing, dance, laugh and breathe outside. Those who know us, know the great care we put into our interiors: we want them to be fashionable, pretty and comfortable. We shape them with you in mind, with your need for peace and quiet and desire to escape. And that's how we designed our villas too: arranged like silk cocoons, soft and enveloping. Decorated and furnished as genuine sanctuaries, quiet and silent. But what we wanted, perhaps more than anything, was for these villas to be open to the outdoors.

Outdoors, in the open air...
Yes, we have designed these houses to act as a bridge to that so desirable outdoors, a bubble of that slightly intoxicating oxygen that can only be enjoyed in the great outdoors. And so we planted them in the midst of our olive and oak trees. They each feature a shaded terrace and private swimming pool. Because it is there, outdoors, that we can smell this unique fragrance, a mixture of Corsican maquis and the salt of the Mediterranean Sea. It is there, outdoors, that we take a deep breath and enjoy nature with a completely different intensity. It is there that we can catch our breath, quite simply.

Trees andoxygen
We've already told you about the trees that dot this park – well, we've planted even more. Here, in U Capu Verde, this great orchard that we develop and cultivate in permaculture. There will be olive trees, of course, but also fruit trees. A vineyard too. And a whole host of other delights we will be delighted to reap in a few years. In the meantime, and because we are in the south, we invite you to enjoy this open space during a game of pétanque on our bowling alley. All that remains is to ask yourself, will you point or will you shoot?