U Capu Biancu
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Ecology, a responsiblepath

"The journey is more important than the destination", as they say. We couldn't agree more, and that this journey is long makes it all the more worthwhile. But the one we set off on several years ago has a much more important purpose: preserving the environment.

And so we advance on the arduous path of preserving our land, our water and our air. Slowly, but surely.


There are those we can see, such as charging points for electric cars. There are those we can sense: how about lighter, more comfortable bath towels? Could it be to save on gas? Recycled beer bottles? Yes, these are sent to the Maison des Bières where they will be recycled and transformed into glasses. Then, there are the advances we cannot see: such as the non-existent tablecloths on the tables of our restaurant. Washing them causes pollution. And, besides, aren't our tables beautiful enough to be displayed? Speaking of washing, we use steam. It's much healthier and consumes less energy and harmful products! Likewise, our cold rooms are powered by geothermal energy.


Did you know that we grow our garden through permaculture? We're sure you'll appreciate the freshness of our home-grown vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs during your meals at U Capu Biancu. And you already know that our chickens contribute to this ecological journey too. What you might now know, is just how much! Even the shells of their eggs are used in our vineyard. And if you choose to stay in one of our villas, you'll be able to enjoy our pure "eau-riginal" water, naturally filtered.

So yes, this (non-exhaustive!) list may seem boring to you. But we wanted to explain to you that our words and ideas are backed up by actions. And though the road we have set off on is long and fraught with pitfalls, we are moving forward. And never forget that you are our driving force.