U Capu Biancu
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The island of Corsica, the island of life in all itsforms

Once upon a time there was a living island. An island teeming with life. All kinds of animals roam here: the beautiful, the ugly, the sociable and the solitary. Some who walk, others who crawl, some who fly and those who swim.

"Let's walk through the woods while the wolf is away".Rest assured (for those who need it), here, you are not likely to come across a wolf, for there are none.

Watch out! A fox can hide a…pig!

But foxes, yes. And aren't they just so beautiful and endearing! A fox will look at you first. Or, more accurately, it will size you up. And if it deems you deserving, it will gently escort you – without an ounce of aggression – throughout your walk in the forest. It might even get a little cheeky if you leave your picnic bag open. Others would do the same. Starting with the pig. He loves to stick his snout in your picnic bags. And get him out of there! He will refuse and, like a sheep (though without the elegance or good manners), he will launch himself headlong to get you out of his space (and be careful, where there is one pig there is always another! He might be hiding a boar or, even worse, a boar-pig!).

Elegance and inelegance, no matter, a life is alife

And, of course, none of them have the elegance or discretion of the sheep. The latter prefers to shelter at the top of our mountain peaks. Like his friend the deer, he isn't too fond of human company. We have to wonder why … Yet, both form part of the island's wildlife. Alongside a host of other species – all equally exciting though some smaller and less … glamorous. Take the Corsican painted frog, for example. Not particularly attractive. But endemic to the island. Endemic and protected, if you please! Just like Hermann's tortoise. This toad's love song resounds with the croaking of frogs throughout the wetlands.

Wetlands, VitalAreas

These same areas where birds from distant countries come to gather during migration: grey or purple herons, the glossy ibis and other beautiful feathered friends make their stopovers here. Stealing the spotlight during their stay, from the bee-eater, the nuthatch, the bearded vulture, the osprey, the kite and many more. You're sure to spot one of them from the terrace of U Capu Biancu. And you might even cross paths with a hedgehog or a weasel. Or catch a glimpse of the dolphins and their ballet in the cove. They are so good at welcoming our guests …

As you can see, Corsica is a lively island. An island where life abounds. A life that, here at the Hotel U Capu Biancu, we love as much as we respect. Especially since – let us not forget – we too form part of this whole and, dare we say it, this fraternity.