A Vacation Home


More than a luxury hotel in Corsica, a vacation home in Bonifacio !

Yes, a delightful vacation home: elegant and colourful, rich yet discrete. One that you long for when winter pales the landscape, and dream of from the first breath of spring. Distanced from hustle and bustle by a "long asphalt drive", hidden away in the flowery, sweet-scented maquis. Built above the sea whose gentle rocking it watches, full and tender. A dwelling place that gladly opens its doors to travellers in search of serenity and of reminiscence.

Yes, a vacation home where we meet, where we connect, where we live and let live. Where we find the joy of shared moments, and where we create new memories: warm, peaceful and playful. By immersing oneself in the heart of a sincere, pure and bewitching nature, humility is rediscovered. Truth becomes evident. Restraint supersedes ostentation.

Yes, much more than a luxury Corsican hotel or a seaside hotel, we have invented a vacation home. Only for you. And to be honest…perhaps a bit for ourselves as well.

Swimming pool at the U Capu Biancu
U Capu Biancu team

A team, hosts, a family

Do we dare to call the hosts who welcome you here in this vacation home a family? With no hesitation, yes! For a family is not determined only by blood: it is born too of fundamental values, intertwined values that embrace and harmonise with each other. These go hand in hand: humour and hard work, respect and honesty, perseverance and sincerity. All values governed by a high standard: a daily demand, one for lived vacations and not only the dream of a vacation. True, we choose the members of our family.

Almost religiously. For we expect them to embrace these values. Because experience is not the only measure of competence. We know that, understand it deeply. We, Sylvie and Jean-Louis, the happy owners of this home, but also…

U Capu Biancu

Marie-Josèphe , the hotel director with tender hearts,

Elhadji Gadio, the chef «Black-Blanc-Cœur», 

Virginie Sayede, the director of sales & marketing with beautiful legs,

Louisa the accountant and Pascale the management's personnal assistant, inseparable duo of accounting,

Céline Rivéro, the front office manager OM football team supporter,

Virginie Kaltenbach, the housekeeping manager with the pretty smile,

Nicolas Cantara, the maintenance manager our super "BIRCO-NICO",

Saidou, the night manager almost as tall as Michael Jordan ,

Christophe, the concierge big patron of travelers,

Gilles, Romain  and Pierre Louis, the skippers with a perfect tan,

Félipe, the gardener with beautiful blue eyes,

... And the slew of other hands, legs, minds and hearts working discretely and conscientiously to make your vacation a calm interlude and a convivial respite.