Responsible luxury


U Capu Biancu is, first, a place. A bit of land. A tip of the world. It’s the wild energy that the island of Corsica distills into each vein of our welcoming home. This energy is our luxury: a responsible luxury made of salty and herbal scents, of authentic colours, of incisive aromas and of comforting silences. A luxury made of space, of expanses where you fill your lungs with unbridled breaths. Free, conscious of what nature offers us.

This natural luxury, this freedom to live has always moved and motivated us. And since its 1992 opening, we’ve always thought of U Capu Biancu hotel as the extension of this life philosophy. From its roots to its organization. Disregarding the setbacks, even derision from those who thought it but a passing phase. Au contraire: it never was. And we have undertaken each action we can to protect the environment which has granted us this exceptional place. Out of conviction, not out of thrift or trend following. No, we vindicate our actions, now more than ever, fully and passionately. Waging battle against bad habits, trying to invent much better ones, keeping open to new ideas.

In choosing U Capu Biancu, you too are adopting this ideology. And with it, a meaningful vacation. In choosing U Capu Biancu, you too are joining the Rispettu program and its ecological definition of luxury. For we’ve always known this: luxury is responsible when it is natural. We are convinced of this, for here we all breathe in and breathe out Corsica with deep respect. Here, we shelter from the elements while vibrating to their rhythm. Here, we are. Plainly and simply.