Five senses, five doors


“There is nothing in the mind that is not first in the senses.”*

Our senses once guided our steps, our gestures our lives. Today we bully and neglect them. Or worse yet, we ignore them. So they turn silent, they cower in a mysterious corner of our body, of our soul. Our senses doze off and eventually we forget them. Until…until they sense a sign, an emotion, an invitation to emerge once more.

Here, in this place, that’s what we want. First we crack open the door, letting in the light, the scent, the note, the caress or the taste that will shake them, one after another. Then we push the door wide open, freeing them at last. Completely. For we want our senses to be thoroughly alive. Sharpened. Sizzling.

How else could it be? How could you not listen to nature awakening? Not gaze at the play of light and colours? Not brush your hands upon the stone? Not breathe in the marine fragrances of the sea and the woody notes of the maquis? How could you not taste every essence Corsica offers up?

Most definitely, it would be heresy to refuse to give yourself over to these emotions! They are gracious exhilaration, they are invigorating shivers. They are the veil enveloping you in a warm and luminous aura. They are life.