The Villas

In the extreme south of Corsica

Corsican hospitality starts here! Advice, help, let's choose together the most suitable villa for you, always at the best price!

A villa in Corsica. A villa in the heart of the Corsican maquis. A villa at 3.5km from the U Capu Biancu hotel. A villa close to a beach in Corsica. The idea is seductive, isn’t it? And if only you knew ... If only you knew how much it is even more in real! Five times more! As they are five! Five beautiful houses swarmed in the shade of the holm oaks and olive trees, in the middle of a park shaded and fenced. Five houses nestled away from view, concealed behind walls of dry stones of Bonifacio. Five holiday homes, located near the beach of Canetto, surrounded by vineyards.

Geographic location of the villas of U Capu Biancu Hotel