A 4-star hotel in Bonifacio and a beachside paillote

La Paillote U Capu Biancu

Freshness meets simplicity

The paillote expresses U Capu Biancu’s chic and simple cuisine. Here, in this spot exceptionally open to the Mediterranean, generations mix. Here, with the same laid-back spirit, intermingle artists, businesspeople, retired people and artisans. Here notoriety rubs elbows with anonymity.

Open to all, whether staying at the hotel or not, the paillotte is accessible by land and by sea. Here you sip coffees and savour the rising sun, you delight in dishes each lighter and fresher than the last. Here you treat yourself to a barbecue evening with family, among friends and with zero pretension, or you take it over for a special event.

Yes, U Capu Biancu’s paillotte is THE place for lovers of gourmet simplicity.