A 4-star hotel in Bonifacio and a beachside paillote

La Paillote U Capu Biancu 01

Wherer gastronomy meets simplicity

Your eyes are first drawn to the sea, then turn to take in the wooden tables and benches. Your skin seeks shelter from the sun under its thatched roof. Your nostrils quiver at the aromas: fish, lobster, spiny lobster, prawns, calamari and other marine delights. We baptized this warm, genuine space “A table among friends!” A place steps away from the hotel and steps away from the sea. More than a simple beach hut, this is a true restaurant, with Gadio El Hadji’s imprint on each dish. A grain of salt here, a touch of spice there. Here too, you taste exoticism with zero pretension. Here too Maxime our handsome fisherman brings his daily catch and Marianne sets free her desserts’ sweet notes. And here as well, the wines are heady with the distinct flavours of a mountain rooted in the Mediterranean: the flavour of the island of Corsica.

The freshest of lunches

Freshness and simplicity: two absolute ingredients, essential for our culinary alchemy. They colour our springtime and summery salads, brighten our pasta dishes and spice up our grill. They’re the quintessence of a place where the eyes feast as much as the palate.

Beach Restaurant Menu - 2018

Open from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm from mid june to mid september & from noon to 3:00 pm during mid summer.

Open from mid-June through mid-September, depending on the weather.

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Brasero Evenings at the beach restaurant

As Oscar Wilde said, "After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations.” And we believe in family! So we decided to open up the paillote in the evenings for the simplest, most relaxing of dinners. And to serve up tapas, grilled dishes, fish and meats to cook yourself over the brazier and of course daily desserts. An important note! What’s the dress code? Bare feet, flip-flops and T-shirts…

Experience our Brasero evenings in image and click on the video "Soirées brasero"


Open during summer only

For more information please contact us + 33 4 95 73 05 58

Exceptional parties

A birthday, a proposal, a birth announcement, a moment of pure joy. An intense, even an exceptional occasion that deserves special attention, worthy of the happiness it creates. We prepare and organize for such an occasion, with care and with attention to detail, in an exceptional space. We protect it from curious eyes and set the stage for something memorable.