An authentic, eco-responsible restaurant in southern Corsica

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A sustainable cuisine, a cuisine with identity!

U Capu Biancu’s cuisine is its “spirit and image”! Like the hotel, it is committed: sustainably committed, committed to sustainability. Our cuisine innovates to the rhythm of the seasons, of the markets, of the fisherman’s catch. It adapts to our garden, to our hens, to the daily harvest. Come evening, our cuisine is by reservation only, avoiding excess and food waste. Spontaneous, it branches into ephemeral menus: each day, three different starters, three main courses and three desserts preserve the fresh essence of Corsican flavours and titillate gourmand appetites.

U Capu Biancu’s cuisine is just like the hotel itself: alive!

It lives Corsican-style: at breakfast, homemade specialties made in our kitchen from fresh ingredients like breads, buttery brioches, sweet and savoury cakes, fruit salads, compotes, omelets, yoghurts and preserves join forces with island products like AOC honeys, charcuterie and cheeses.

It lives Mediterranean-style, bathing in olive oil, in wild marjoram or wild thyme, dressing in crunchy, colourful fruits and vegetables, soaking up Corsican sun and Mediterranean salt.

It lives in chic and simple style at the paillotte, an exceptional place where generations mix. Where artists, businesspeople, artisans and the retired intermingle with the same laid-back spirit. Where notoriety rubs elbows with anonymity. A place for everyone, whether staying at the hotel or not, reached by land or by sea. Where you sip coffee savouring the rising sun and delight in dishes each lighter and fresher than the next. Where you treat yourself to a barbecue evening with family, among friends and with zero pretention, or which you take over for a special event. In short, THE place for people who love gourmet simplicity.

It lives in "secret" mode, in the cool of the cellar where the best regional vintages (largely from biodynamic vineyards) nestle against a few grands crus from abroad. Yes, the cellar…the heart whose beat moves the restaurant, the bar, the paillotte and the tastings. A discrete and no less eminent artery pumping U Capu Biancu’s locavore philosophy.

Tasting U Capu Biancu’s cuisine means tasting the fruit of Corsica’s farmers, gardeners and other producers. It means trying out a Capu experience, like an intimate apérosé. It means respecting resources, preserving the environment and a healthy balance. Yes, U Capu Biancu’s food is, like the hotel itself, fully committed!

Maître Restaurateur
Chefs U Capu Biancu

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Gadio El Hadji, a "black and white and heartfelt" cuisine

Gadio’s cuisine? It is a country in itself, nothing more and nothing less! A country that is neither his native Senegal, nor France where he came to the top of his art. Nor even Corsica in truth, though he has lived here for more than twenty years. No, it’s an unknown country, the product of a heady cross-fertilization of flavours. It is the world!

The only recipe he follows is born of instinct and of heart, which infallibly guide his flavor pairings and proportions and lead him to experiment, to innovate, to create. Of course, this recipe draws on experience: the experience, first, of a child who loved to linger clinging to his mother’s robes as she bustled about the kitchen. Then that of a student trained first in Dakar, then in Paris. And of a kitchen help, learning from his peers and chefs as one learns from a father, enthralled by the slightest gesture, the smallest experimentation. And finally that of a chef who came into his own in our 4-star hotel kitchen in Bonifacio. Though it was no mean feat, nineteen years ago, to convince him to take up the reins of our gourmet restaurant and to don the chef’s hat! “I was too young,” he admits, “too young to give up partying, going out and my buddies. Too young to take on such a responsibility, even though I knew how to manage a team and a kitchen!” Yet take it on he did, quite naturally. And today our kitchens waft with the scents of exotic spices and exceptional flavours: here are born the precious, refined dishes which all our guests savour, be they in the restaurant or the paillote: each with Gadio El Hadji’s unmistakable identity.