Nature and culture

Activities in Bonifacio

Nature serving culture

"Nature can do all, and does all" as Montaigne said: how true that is for the island of Corsica! Here nature has been at work for thousands of years, shaping the land to its whims. Creating people, villages and cities; using some to defend her rights, and others to show off her creative talents. In the far south, Bonifacio is a striking example: white, towering and proud, she scornfully eyes the world, firmly camped atop cliffs whose every mote she married. Facing her across the strait, the polished rocks of the Lavezzi islands emerge, true marine creations. Everywhere on this land, mountainous and ringed with welcoming beaches, nature has begotten...culture! Giving different accents to a tongue more song than speech. Inspiring painters, writers, chefs and filmmakers. A culture carefully preserved in museums, sheltered in many religious monuments, savoured at excellent tables, and proudly evident in the people you meet.

Hikes and picnics in Southern Corsica. Nature walk ho!

"To walk through a beautiful country in fine weather, without being obliged to hurry, and with a pleasant prospect at the end, is of all kinds of life the one most suited to my taste." We don’t know what Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s pleasant prospect was, but we think – with good reason! – that yours could be the orri

* on Monaccia d’Aullène’s trail, or Bonifacio’s Madonetta or Pertusato lighthouses. Reaching them means passing through exceptional scenery and sites, and facing spectacular panoramas. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll discover the secrets of an enchanting place. A delicious, scented, full-bodied land, a land you will savour over your picnic of cheese, cured meats and other island fare.

*Orii are rock shelters, sheltering humans here since prehistoric times. They have served as grain silos and even as tombs. But above all they have fed the imagination, inspiring stories and legends.

Travelling books

At U Capu Biancu, books have broken free.  Travelling books, they wander from their bookshelves, ignoring their entertaining neighbours in the leisure area (billiards, foosball, checkers, chess and other card and board games).  They move along from one reader to another: laze in a bedroom, loiter by the pool, dawdle on the corner of a table.  Letting themselves be devoured or flipped through, they open doors to unknown world, they tell tales in many tongues of incredible lives, they sketch out faces and landscapes.  Here and there are stories penned by Corsican authors: reading them, you can feel the island’s very pulse.  Moved to scribble some words of your own, you can slip them between the pages to share your feelings and impressions with the next readers.  The book becomes a relay, an instrument of freedom and sharing.

Botanical discoveries with Stéphane Rogliano

He is a botanist, a horticulturist, and a nose. Who deeply smells plants, breathes them in – even more, who listens to them, caresses them, perhaps even speaks to them. And above all, loves and raises them: both for what they are, “unique living beings”, and for what they tell us, “a story, their own and that of humankind.” Stéphane Rogliano gladly shares his passion. For over 20 years he’s roamed the island roads to seek out the vegetal world. And of course we strongly encourage you to follow his footsteps through the heart of the maquis or along the mountain slopes, to discover with him an unsuspected universe. A universe that stirs each of your senses.

Bonifacio: a guided visit

Bonifacio…an ancient city whose beauty has only grown with time’s indignities over troubled centuries. More appealing than ever. Pious Bonifacio, whose walls abound with religious monuments, whose centuries-old streets, once riotous with public criers, water bearers and pedlars of all stripes, are thick with fantastic adventures. Bonifacio, whose history goes well beyond its bastion – a history brought alive by one of our guides, who will make you shiver at the great plague of 1526, at the incessant sieges (especially the most terrible siege of the Pirate Dragut), and at the dramatic 1855 shipwreck of the Sémillante. A history that reveals the grandeur of the Bonifacian soul


Conciergerie – at your service!

Concierge. A word hackneyed by overuse – what a shame! For here, the concierge is far from the talkative source of boring conversation. Nor is he that oddball described by Raymond Queneau, unsealing and re-sealing letters to read them. No! Not at all! Our concierge is professional, discreet and clever. He offers outstanding service, hunting down exactly the right activity, restaurant or service that is perfect for you. He’s brimming with ideas for how to make your stay unique and singular. Here, his name is Christophe and he is at your service.