The cult of farniente


true luxury

Cultivate farniente: the art of doing nothing. Pamper laziness. Give in to letting go. Slow the flow of your thoughts, forget worldly hassles. What a delicious fantasy. Or only a fantasy? Perhaps. Unless… Yes, until you push open the door of our hotel-spa here in southern Corsica. Until you set down your bags and take a well-deserved intermission from it all. Plunge into laziness like a religious convert, with passion and devotion. Of course, like any cult, this one requires unwavering will and belief: belief in your own capacity to just observe the hours pass. A belief in the existence, here and now, of a peaceful and soothing universe. A belief too in the sacrosanct siesta. Requirements which are only good for you – aspirations wholly indispensable for the health of your body and soul.

Hotel with swimming pool bonifacio

A hotel by the sea with natural beaches

Follow the sea.  Just a bit farther.  Voilà!  Here you are, at the foot of U Capu Biancu hotel.  In the heart of Santa Manza gulf in Bonifacio, where the Mediterranean drew three subtly charming beaches.  One furnished with gazebos, moorings (by reservation) and a pontoon, launching point for water activities.  Yes…three little shorelines to savour authenticity and tranquility.  Here you’ll reconnect with nature’s simple pleasures: sand, sun, and sea.  Here you’ll choose how to experience your encounter with our shore.  Before stepping onto the sand, you could cloister yourself in a gazebo and unwind on one of the canopy beds.  Tempted by a nap or a cool drink as close as possible to the sea?  Our beach attendant will help you to set up one of the mattresses and parasols stowed there on a corner of the beach.  If you’d rather soak up the sand’s heat, you can make your way from one shore to the next or wind your way through the maquis to the next cove, more secret and secluded, where Queen Elizabeth set foot during a Mediterranean cruise.  Yes, on these shores you can choose how to reconnect with Corsica’s nature.

Health at the Spa U Capu Biancu

A Corsican spa hotel to regain possession of your soul.

And to once more find harmony with your body. Melt into a one-of-a-kind universe, like ours at the U Capu Biancu hotel spa in Bonifacio: a universe entirely crafted of wood, intimate and exclusive. A cocoon designed to welcome only one of you or a couple at a time. Here you abandon yourself wholly to the expert hands of our masseuse. You breathe in the island scents that perfume our oils, creams and balms. The remarkably authentic treatments of the Crena Care Cosmetics® line plunge you into the heart of the maquis, exploring the natural qualities of a fertile land and of a generous natural heritage. And for the ultimate in refinement, there’s nothing quite like a donkey milk bath: a haze of sweetness and escape for a moment of utter relaxation.

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Sea outings, bonifacio

Sea outings

The Mediterranean: Corsica’s salt-tinged breath, her blue lung. It sharpens her silhouette and polished her curves, creates her shores and draws her little bays, scattering them with grains of sand and shells. Long feared for its sudden, uncontrollable fits of rage, this sea has little by little allowed itself to be tamed…just enough for you to sail and dive. Here at the hotel, we invite you to soak up the Med’s vital energy.

Set out aboard a Boston Whaler Outrage 370 with a 3 x 350 horsepower engine to discover the Lavezzi islands or Bonifacio’s caves.

Navigate in search of dolphins on a smaller craft, or get dropped off at one of the fabulous nearby beaches with a taxi boat.

Above all, keep your eyes open! You’ll see how precious this marine world is.