Once upon a time… …a luxury hotel in Bonifacio

Corsica-Made in Corsica

A hotel in Bonfacio: the soul of an island

U Capu Biancu opens its doors and the soul of an island is revealed: an island they call Corsica. Or Corse. Or even Kallistê, the very beautiful. An island rising up like a bright frontier facing the world. An ardent land, raw and wild, where life is dreamt and where life is breathed in deeply. A country whose impetuous character is reflected, just as fiery, in the men and women who inhabit it. A nature that forged temperaments, modeling them after the proud and arrogant mountains, after the chaotic thrusts of the coastline, after the sea by turns serene and tormented. An island whose beauty has always enticed covetousness, all the more for her place at the heart of the Mediterranean. Today still Corsica resists: a piece of paradise, a heritage to protect.

The hotel will be open from mid May until beginning of October 

our DNA

A charming hotel in southern Corsica: The soul of a family

In another age, you might have dared to call U Capu Biancu a bastard child: born of the meeting of earth and sky, of sea and winds. Today that might seem presumptuous. And yet… U Capu Biancu is a luxurious hotel, boasting a spirit as free, complex and authentic as the nature which gave it birth. It draws from that nature its gentleness and its sincerity, its riches and its humility.
We, Sylvia and Jean-Louis Limongi, raised it like a father and mother. We passed on our DNA, like a father and mother. The DNA of a loving family, for we love this house! It’s the fruit of our efforts, of our passions, of our commitments.
Today the child has grown up. It’s become a 4 star hotel in southern Corsica, where you experience a discrete luxury, felt but not seen. Where you taste authenticity, felt but not on display. Flowered, pungent and heady like the land from which it comes, you breathe and you live U Capu Biancu. Simply.

a hotel by the sea