wine cellar U Capu Biancu

Nomadic experiences

Freedom is a vocation here. We scatter that liberty throughout U Capu Biancu’s grounds. So that when you are within the U Capu Biancu fold, you remain travellers, nomads, free human beings. We reinvented some of our offers into nomadic versions.

So you can choose a corner of the beach or a corner of the maquis for your picnic. Or to taste our “apérosé” made up of delicious savoury and sweet homemade “Corsicatapas”, a bottle of Corsican wine, waters, coffees and homemade myrtle liqueur.

Or you can set out in Capu Love style, a basket on your arm filled with Champagne, some nibbles and a blanket, looking for the perfect niche to (re-)declare your love for your beloved.

At U Capu Biancu hotel, travellers are free. You are free. So it made perfect sense to offer you these nomadic experiences.