The cheese and wine cellar, a "sanctuary" in a charming Bonifacio hotel

wine cellar U Capu Biancu

The Location

If we had to choose a name for our 4-star hotel’s cheese and wine cellar, we wouldn’t hesitate to call it a temple. For in this sanctuary, we worship these two artefacts. Inseparable from the Corsican gastronomic culture, they are its divine representatives. Or more accurately, they incarnate this land’s generosity and tech us about man’s labour.

Vanessa U Capu Biancu

The portrait of an impassioned fan

Vanessa, guardian of the temple!

She is the genie with the "open sesame", she holds the key to this temple-cellar. Vanessa strolls its aisles from treasure to treasure: exploring, considering, breathing in this inexhaustible “grail”. A grail flowing with over 90% of Corsican-varietal wines.

The young sommelière readily admits it: when she arrived in Corsica she knew nothing about the island’s vineyards. Just one classroom hour, one hour in sommelier school covered this undiscovered wine production zone. That was 10 years ago, and since then times have changed and Corsican wines have too. Now a member of the Association of Corsican Sommeliers, Vanessa well knows this change. By dint of constant island wanderings, exploring all the terroirs, she’s pierced some of the secrets of Corsican wine, has come to understand their complexity and…fell in love with them. “I hesitated before moving here, out of fear of boredom” admits the Frenchwoman. “But thankfully, curiosity got the better of me!” Thankfully, and today Vanessa can’t imagine being away from this homeland, its particularities, its identity. She explores its vineyards endlessly, meeting the winemakers and scrutinizing the fruits of their labours. Finding, in many of them, a generosity like that of the “little” winemakers of her native Loire river valley. Above all, she appreciates their profound respect for the earth: “Experience, much more than my diploma, has taught me that the most important thing is not the vine, but the earth in which the vines grow.” And the earth here happens to be Corsica: a land rich in different varietals, different wines, which Vanessa endlessly loves to share.

Wine tasting cellar U Capu Biancu

Oenological workshops: sniffing out Corsican wines

We can’t say it enough; Corsican vineyards are unusual and complex. The soils are granite, schist or limestone; the sun and rain lend the wines intriguing aromas and mysterious tannins. Human hands give them distinctive characters – sometimes in opposition, sometimes in harmony. Vanessa, our head sommelier, knows just how to tell their stories during our oenological workshops: privileged moments to share and to exchange ideas, right here in our cellar. Yes, the temperature is rather cool! At least at first…then with a wool shawl draped across your shoulders, comfortably settled at the country table, your journey can begin! A sort of an educational virtual stroll in the country through the island’s vineyards, made up of surprises and of tastings (crowned by cheeses and cured meats!). A journey with different flavours:

  • introduction to Corsican vineyards
  • discovery of young winemakers,
  • wine and cheese,
  • wine and chocolate,
  • wine and nature, etc.